Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life is full of funness!!

What is up everyone! I told yall about how this week was going to the
be the bomb and it totally was. It definitely had its up and downs
like every week as a missionary. But let's go over some over the high
point guess the lows point can all be bunched into the category of
reacting and either no one is home or just ruin people. That's really
the only thing that can get u down in this area if u let it! Enough
with that, here are the goods!!

We got iPads! So that is what I am writing this email on now! They are
great, we just got them yesterday but we were able to already teach 2
lessons with them and have another 3 lined up for this evening. I am
sure the lord is anxious to increase the people we will be able to
reach as he has trusted us with these machines.

Next fun part of the week came on Tuesday evening and then on Sunday.
So Tuesday we were suppose to have this lesson with this awesome
sister, but apparently she had to go up to Detroit so we have the
bishops son and daughter out with us with no one to teach. So we were
reminded of this lady that asked for a blessing of strength because her
room mate was crazy sick,  and she didn't want to get it! Anyway we go
over, then the really sick lady comes down and wants a blessing. Keep
in mind she investigated the church a few years back and said it
wasn't for her, but now that she is sick as a dog I guess she got
humble. So we give her a blessing, heal her pretty much on the spot,
she gets up from the chair fine and goes on to show us her birds.....
So we were like cool, and then she shows up to church Sunday. I
probably didn't tell the right parts to y'all to understand but we just
had to laugh at it. We run into lots of people similar to that that
only come to the church or elders when they need something..... Oh
well, I am happy to offer them help :)

So on Friday we had a great day. We have a whole mission conference so
I was able to see all my good friends out here! We had elder Zewick
from the 70ty address us and he is a classes guy. I always am amazed
at people that can crack jokes, have fun, and laugh from the stand,
and still have a solid spirit with them while they speak. It was a
great meeting in which I learned a lot!

We had 5 investigators at church on Sunday which was great, already I
see this place turning into Tappahannock round two :) it is great, the
members really are great at fellowships get and invite these people
over. Things are just going great right now, I am sure my bubble will
be popped soon :/ but I continue to pray it does not! Especially
anytime before June 13 because that is when we have the next baptism
in this area!!! Her name is Erin and she is that awesome sister I
mentioned earlier! Just so solid and great testimony. One of those
that's testimony has grown because she has had to stand up for the
church so much in the past couple months!!

So funny story, we headed over to this brothers house who got baptized
like a year ago but is now going back to his old church that he was
going to before he joins ours. Anyway we have seen him a few times
before and we are friends. So the first few minutes we get there he is
making these sarcastic remarks and stuff which don't bother me but he
just thought I was taking him seriously..... So fast forward another
ten minutes, he agrees to take us to b-dubs as long as I stop my
sarcastic remarks :) hahah over that 10 minutes I just railed him....
Idk why, i probably shouldn't have but hey, that's what I do.

Let's see, what else! Oh I totally forgot with everything else going
on, I was able to go back down to Tappahannock for Emily baptism!! So
yeah that was super fun, able to see everyone. Most of them never
thought I even left :) but I loved it!! That place definite feels like

Other than all that we had just some awesome lesson and had great
follow-ups with people that had contact with the church previous but
for one reason or another didn't join. So ur prayers are working.
Continue to pray for this area and the great work of salvation that is
going on here! I love yall and enjoy some of these old pictures I got
from crowley's camera!

The Baptism I was able to attend in Tappy

My new comp, he is a fun guy!

Ahhhh Jerrell, I love this brother

Got my bag with my shades back that had been gone for like a week :) 

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