Sunday, September 29, 2013

Temple on Prep Day

Our District (all learning  Illonggo/Hiligaynon)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Well already into my third week, I have moved. All the Philippines district have moved down to the West campus/Raintree. It's really nice here! The food is better, we are in apartment style housing, and there is a nice stream right outside my house that makes studying outside amazing! I love the sound of moving water I have decided.

I have learned a lot about the Philippines this week from my teachers. So here is some information I will pass along:
Illonggo is brand new language for the church.... Book of Mormon was translated 5 years ago, but the MTC just started teaching Illonggo to their missionaries this past year. So all of my teachers learned Tagalog in the MTC, and had to learn Illonggo in the field. Well lucky for me I learn it here.
There is also no D&C and Pearl of Great Price in Illonggo.
We apparently do our teaching in English if the investigator can understand. Our Mission president is all for teaching in English.
Counting all the languages that I will know coming home include: Illonggo/Hiligaynon, Tagoloag, and Cebuwano. Its going to be hard, but God would not make us do this if there wasn't a way...
President Lopez has updated a lot of the missionary living spaces, so thats always a plus for me!

Honestly learning more and more about the Philippines, makes me more and more excited to get their. I really love the language already.... It's hard, but I LOVE IT! The sisters make learning a blast! I love them so much!!!

For some holy stuff I have learn.... I went to an awesome Devotional Tuesday night. Todd Clark spoke and it was awesome. He talked about inviting your family and friends at home to follow similar stuff we are studying to share a missionary’s point of view. I will try and starting letting you know! My favorite thing I took from the Devotional is: Treat anyone not fully active in the church as a lost sheep, NOT a black sheep. I have started teaching some more investigators. I teach with a RM so its weird, but he is teaching me so much!

Since today is our P-day, they let us walk over to jamba juice and Burger Supreme. It was nice! they had ESPN on and I got to catch a little sports center haha.

I love you all at home and praying for you everyday.

New address is:
Elder Young Unit 928
Oct 21 PHI-BAC
2025 N. 900 E.
Provo, Ut 84602

I still receive packages/letters at the old address, it just takes an extra day.

Keep me updated on the latest news and love you all!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Well hey everyone! this is my first official blog post/email! Want to start off by saying thank you to everyone that came to my farewell! So week one..... what a week, it started off like hell. No joke the first 3 or four days so many thoughts rushed through my head! I wanted to leave, I wanted to ask for a transfer because I was scared to learn the language, and I just wanted someone to talk to!

Well my biggest fear of going on my mission was being " alone" (and my bishop can attest to this). Well the first thing I find out when I get here is: "Elder, you are a solo" the nice Sister pulls out my name tag and there is a nice sticker making sure everyone knows I am solo. So now that I know that my biggest fear has come true, I go to drop off my bags and head to class. Getting to class, I am the last one there. 6 sisters and the teacher are sitting in there talking. While, I walk in, they all just look at me #*?=:/ so we start learning the language and then go to some orientation. All while I am thinking about how the heck am I going to get through this with no companion! Well After the roughest day of my life I finally meet my MALE district leaders, they were so nice and I was able to talk with them about what was going through my head and they helped a lot. I finally get to my room to see my 4 roommates. All of them have been here for already 2 weeks. They all greet me and are pretty nice. I was still frightened and with nowhere to unpack.... I just chill for a little while they are all showering :#@&/ haha Finally I get to unpack a little and settle in. The next few days were even harder than the 1st day. I talked to my Zone president and he called me a wussy :( but whatever!!) The next few days I really just decided to stick it out cause everyone says wait till Sunday,

Well I did! Sunday was AMAZING!! In Elders quorum we talked about enduring to the end, oh how I need that! Then after that i went to an awesome devotional. The producer of 17 Miracles, Ephraim’s Rescue, and many more movies spoke to us! I highly recommend Ephraim’s Rescue, he showed us parts of it!! Sunday really pumped up my spirit!

Well the rest of the week has just blended together.... So I guess I will tell you about general stuff and my "friends" here: Sister Luke is from West Jordan, she dances and went to BYUI so she is friends with Lexies Gates! Sister Haun is from Nevada and she is a cheerleader, also plays soccer and basketball. Sister Riblin is from Arizona, Sister Villiami is from New Zealand. Sister Char is from Hawaii. Sister McKee is from IDK :/ haha Elder Hosch is from Arizona, he is like a big teddy bear, we already have a trip planned for me to visit him after the mission, Elder Tolman is a wrestler from Box Elder (he does know my cousins) Elder Hemuli is from Payson, he is super funny and graceful, love him, and Elder Mcquiston is from Davis. Elder Hosch and Tolman are my assigned partners but I can go with whoever I want as long as it is with 2 sisters or 1 elder. Lately I feel like the Solo badge is coming is handy, everyone asks where is my comp, and I just get to smerk and flash them the sign.

All seriousness though I know that God put me as a solo Elder for a reason! I get the best of both worlds! The Elders calm me down and I get to "bond" with them. While the Sister always have a great attitude and are great at teaching. I feel like learning with the Sister is going to be so much more helpful! Now I realize why God put so many wonderful girls in my life, to teach me how to act right around Sister missionaries! haha

Looking back on some things that got me through the week, Roman 8:18, something I will talk about a little later, Lebron James quote, and many of your great emails, Now I have realized so much about myself! I know that God it testing me. Sister Villiami told me when we where having a heart to heart, God knows that an English speaking mission would be to easy for you, so he is having you learn Illonggo cause He knows you going to smash it! haha she is from New Zealand, moved to Australia a few years ago and is now going to a mission right next to mine, also learning Illonggo and has the best saying ever!

I have seen Nick Elg, Brady Cowely, Jeff Giles, Jake Brown, Dexter Murry, It weird how you go to school with someone for 3 years, never talk to them in school, but connect with them so well in the MTC. I have also talked to Trace from soccer, Chris from soccer, Creighton Atkins from soccer when I was like 10 (it was so cool to see him, it was a surprise we recognized each other). Best of all Braxton Basset! OMG I love that kid, we talked forever! He is doing well and I took a pic with him on his camera so be looking for it and send it my way.

The emails you guys send help a ton!! I can only check them on Thursday though so maybe send some DearElders, I get those everyday! I also love letters and packages! Send me anything you want, I am sure it will brighten my day. P-day is the only time we are given to write letters, so if I take a while to respond you know why... but plz still send some and I will try and respond! Oh, send me some pictures to, I always love some pics :)

Email is:

Address is: Elder Chandler Young
                   Oct 21 PHI-BAC unit 195
                   2009 N 900 E Unit 195
                    Provo, UT 84602

This will be changing in a few weeks because I will be moving to the NICER campus, so I will keep you updated when that happens.

I’m ending with something that totally changed me this past week. During a lesson this quote came to my mind and is my mission "motto"

"I don't want to ever let God be able to say that Chandler Joseph Young could not handle it."

Thank you guys for everything!! love you all and please keep me updated on how you are! <3

Also, everyone PZ keep my letters! i want them when i get home

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dad's Birthday Card

Hey dad, this letter is for you. I love you, thanks for always being a great example to me.  I have thought about giving up so much, but I know God put me in this situation for a reason. I’m taking it one day at a time. 

My companion and sisters both lift me up so much. Now I know why I had so many friends that were girls!  Thanks for always being my biggest fan! Plz write me letters and tell everyone else to also.  I need everyones support!

Make sure to keep everything running smooth and call Spencer w/questions. Oh and this is your Happy Birthday card. I Love you included in this something to send to the insurance about my shot. keep the blog going and I can’t wait to check my email. plz tell everyone to send letters! Plz plz plz maybe sent text w/my address. 

Oh the language is coming nice, the teacher is super good and learning w/sisters helps a ton.  Branch pres. said I need to tell myself I can do it, so that is what I have been working on. I had a small breakdown today w/teacher but I honestly think I can do this, actually I know !! Can’t wait to get out of here. 

The good thing is I can see all the lessons God is teaching me! Oh I’m also the district leader which is cool, but I’m the only guy so it’s a given, but I still need to step up!

My companions all talk about how hard their first week was and its the same as mine.  Remember the letters. Plz use dear its same day email. 

 Much Love

Right now I can’t wait to teach my investigator tomorrow.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dated Sunday, September 15, 2013

Until Wednesday, October 16, 2013, please send letters to:

Elder Chandler Young
2009 North 900 East 195
Provo, Utah   84602
Dated Friday, September 13, 2013

The hardest part is I don’t have a companion to speak with 24/7, like the sister missionaries do! I hope to find the reason I’m here soon. That’s all. I pray for, I know God knows what I’m going through, but right now I don’t know why.

One sister missionary, I’m really good friends with here, is from BYU-Idaho, and she did dance. So she knows Lexi Gates, small world! I do like my language teacher, and I can speak phrases. But I am having a hard time remembering. There is too much going through my head to think about anything really important.

Remember me in your prayers and love you all!

p.s. Please write back!


Elder Young

Dated Thursday, September 12, 2013

Studying with sister missionaries is so awesome. But I’m still alone a lot, which is tough for me!!! I feel like I’m not suppose to be here, but we will see. I feel so overwhelmed and honestly cannot see myself lasting two years, but we will see. Waking up I feel so excited, but talking to people, I just get scared. I hope I make it.

The only thing keeping me going is knowing how much you as parents put into this and also knowing everyone wants me to succeed. But I feel like these are all the wrong reasons; no one knows what I’m going through and that’s what is very bad! All I can keep reminding myself is that everything happens for a reason, and I know I’m growing from this. But I do not know how much I can handle.

The sister missionaries around me are so awesome! They help me a ton and their cheery spirits help a ton! I want these letters to just be my journal for the first little bit. So please share!

Love you all!!
Dated Wednesday night, September 11, 2013.

Dear Parents and blog:

Well, my first day at the MTC is over and, boy, was it hard. Thoughts of leaving have rushed through my head all day. But I’m committed. Thanks to all you back home, wanting me to do well. I feel your influence in my life. When I got here  today, the first thing I find out is I’m getting to go at this experience alone, I am paired with six sister missionaries. Three of which are going to my same mission--Philippines Bacolod Mission.

Right now there are no elders learning and speaking Hiligaynon. O, you say it like Hiliguynon. The sisters are super nice, and I am paired with two of them! I’m in a room with four other guys speaking the Cebuano language, kind of squished, but one of them I relate super well to! He has really given me hope. I have not opened any letters of anything, so sorry.

Love you guys and thanks for your support! Great scripture is Romans 8:18 “For I reckon that the asufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the bglory which shall be revealed cin us.”

Elder Young
I am in the MTC in Provo Utah.