Monday, August 25, 2014

Busy CRAY CRAY busy!

Holy cow, What a week it has been! Definitly one of the most busy weeks on the mission! 

  • Start off with the best part of the week. We had a tri-stake Zone conference that Elder Anderson of the 70ty spoke at. He talkesd about many gret things their! A few of my favorite thoughts include;
  • Flooding the earth. if you were able to watch elder Bednar's recent devotional given at BYU education week, it was on flooding the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Well on friday we related that to the 2 other times in church history when a prophet has used that term. 1st in moses case, and the 2nd in President Bensons case refering to flooding the earth with The Book of Mormon.
  • Talked about the power of the church does not come from the leaders of the church, but in the members sustaining the leaders.
  • and last It does not matter how much experience we have when we recieve callings in church, setting apart is what gives us the power to fulfil that calling. 
  • I am finally getting the hang of doing family history. I have sat down with some members in the past week and are finally getting the hang of it and feel comfortable teaching people how to do it. Hopefully this can lead to teaching members not even of the church hw to do it!
  • We have had awesoem success finding this week. I learned at the Conference that Bishops and Stake Presidents have the "Keys" for missionary work in our respective areas. With this our bishop asked us to work in one specific area of the ward and SUCCESS had COME! 
  • Found a Part-member family in the ward that no one even knew about. The GF is not a member but wants the family that she sees in members of the church. It was cool that I felt totally comfortable promissing her that this church is here to help you raise a family with the foundation of Christ!
  • Also had a guy just stop us on the side of the road to say hi. he is also a member but we had no idea about him! Hasn't come to church is a very long time but always a time to start :) 
  • So after not going to this area for the first 4 months I was in the ward. Now 5 out fo the 7 days of the week are there!
  • Totall had a ladt "break-up" with us this week. We were walking past this lady we gave a Boof of Mormon to a few days before and she just said never come over again, I am not interested. So for some reason i did not push her but just decided #ontothenextone P.S. I miss that song :) 
  • Found out two of out solid potential investigators are Best friends so thats already so good fellowship! 
  • We went over to see a sister in the ward that just moved in and has never been to church. Well the visit in a nutshell was bad :( it was soooo awkward and what made it worse, she was a return missionary and when we invited her to church she just said I am in-active...... HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN! Ahhhh blew my mind how someone could serve the Lord for a year and a half and come back and forget everything they commit those people to do...... Cracy Cray
  • HAHAH last we just had a lesson with  a single mom yesterday whose both kids recently got baptized into the the church but he is..... NAZERINE! hahah we have decent lessons with her but everytime she just starts crying saying how sad and sorry she is for us that we are so decieved! I honestly just have to laugh! I am like u can be serious! This is Chirst church, thanks goodness I am not decieved! IDK but she will come around with a softened heart and lots of prays!
Anyways, thanks for reading. Love u all and feel free to write me! Oh, and include any good pranks I could do...... I have been in this home for 5 months and need to spice things up :) 
Love Elder Young

Me last week after I got my teeth worked on for 2 hours :''(

Cut my hair :( 

WoW great time to take a picture :) this is all the elders in the house!

Monday, August 18, 2014


Well everyone, this week has been a very interesting week. Some good days, some bad, Some painful, some sad...... But HEY being a missionary is all about throwing up the DEUCES to the bad days and go on to the PARTY ones! (ps, party as a missionary is teaching lessons all day everyday) 

- First, I have had AWFUL allergies this week :( so yeah, that has been one downer this week :) 
- Grilled one of our INV for not coming to church, just to follow up on last weeks last post. We did have more peoplea at church this week but hery, we can always do better! 
- We are continuing to help this restruant get open. Sould be opening this week! #ninjagogo
- Well lets just say that Thrusday this past week was Hell! I had to get 5 Cavities filled all because of my crave for Mountain Dew. Well I am tots cutting back on it cuz that was not worth it! 
- Cleaned an INV carpets this week.
- I do have to saw that i have been chilling poolside a lot lately teaching so good lessons! You defintiyl find INV that way :) 
- If u ever come to the east coast you have to go to WAWA or Sheetz, both are great place to get a sub!
- So yeah, and then this morning I finished Doctrine Covenants so that is sweet.

Well that the run down of the week. We also found 3 New sweet HUMBLE Investigators ready to receive the message we have to share :0 so I love that!

Anyways hope Everyone has a good week, preparing to get back into school! DO WERK and have fun! and write me letters :) 

- Elder Young

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pure Love of Chirst

DANG, this past week tots just flew by! There has been lots of quality stuff going on this week. Eldder Goold and I are settled in and back to teaching lots :) so, as far as the good stuff;

- We have been busy every morning this week. Doing service or having meetings. I definitively can say that I love doing service :) 
- Finished the NEW Testament finally. I love the New Testament so much! 
- I found a Less-Active member of the ward that loves computer more than me! hahah it was great to talk with him about all that good stuff, and now we are friends :) haha
- Got to go up and be a witness at Rachel's baptism. She is the sister of a Recent Convert in the ward and was sweet to see how excited she was to "come closer to Christ" even with some family against it :)
- Glad to hear that Kevin love is on the Cavs #I<3LeBron haha it will be interesting to hear how well they work together, someone plz keep me updated! 
- One of my roommates got 230 Chigga bits hahahahahahahahahah #ohkellis
- We started helping this nice man open up on of his Res truants. It is called Ninja Go-go. So that is one of our man service projects.
- One of our Investigators pulled out a book "Why I am Nazarene and not ____" and went though the big religion and tells why one is a Nazarene and not the others..... Really? Would a real Christian person write a book like that? #realtalk
- Ate a huge burger this past week :0 ready for this? 1/2lb burger, bacon, lettus, egg, and instead of buns, it had 2 full size grilled cheese sandwiches. Dang it was good. Oh, and that was at Brass Monkey. Definitively check it out if your in the area :) great fry's and BBQ sauce. 

Last I just wanted to mention something that tots grind my gears! WHEN PEOPLE DON"T COME TO CHURCH, so yeah. This si the goal this week to help people realize the importance of Church attendance, not only is it a commandment, but it is fun! Learn to enjoy it :) Well I pray some of u write me a letter, would really like that, <3 U

- Elder Young

Sorry, Pics next week. Camera is having problems :( 

Also, in letters that u send, u can include ur favorite Talks!

Monday, August 4, 2014

August, WHA!?!?!?!?

WoW! I honestly can not believe that it is August. I was writing August 1st in my journal the other day and it hit me. I only have a YEAR LEFT in this wonderful experience of a life time. Last year this time I was just being lazy, wondering how I could ever survive for two years in the Philippines, and morning my two good friends leaving on their missions. A year later I am in Virginia, having the time of my life. Be able to share the fullness of the gospel to the great people of Virginia! Being able to be a part of seeing peoples lives change, their priorities change into seeing things at an eternal Perspective total makes this mission worth it.

We had a sister return home from her mission in the ward yesterday. And she gave a testimony on how she thought that she was giving up so much to go on this mission. When really she could not have imagined life without going on a mission and learning all those great life skills. Missions do pay off, not only with temporal needs, but Spiritual. Anyways;

So we just had transfers, and Elder Tirrell left..... But, My new companion is Elder Goold. He has only been out for three months and seems great He is a soccer player so no complaint there :0 and he is from Riverton, Utah!

As far as teaching lesson to our investigators this week, lots of them were out of town taking their last minute vacations. So that was a bummer. An even  bigger bummer though, we helped a crazy lady clean up her house after she flooded it hahaha That is the mormon life :)

K so a though that I have been thinking about today. Many good books and stories have a "Good and Happy" ending... Well the Book of Mormon does not..... Unless you look at what that book has accomplished now. The Book of Mormon was written for us to read to help us find happiness. Mormon did not want to conclude the book with a sad ending, but God made him cuz he know that down the road it would make more people happy than Mormon could have ever imagined.

Anywho, That probably doesn't make since. I feel like everything I type is just BLAH :( so you guys should send me a letter because I will be in this area at least  5 more weeks :)

Love Elder Young

PS pics will come next week

PSS, I need to revamp my tie wardrobe.... I need some bright colored ones, to make people happy to see me :) so send some my way if you would like me to help make people's day brighter :)