Monday, August 11, 2014

Pure Love of Chirst

DANG, this past week tots just flew by! There has been lots of quality stuff going on this week. Eldder Goold and I are settled in and back to teaching lots :) so, as far as the good stuff;

- We have been busy every morning this week. Doing service or having meetings. I definitively can say that I love doing service :) 
- Finished the NEW Testament finally. I love the New Testament so much! 
- I found a Less-Active member of the ward that loves computer more than me! hahah it was great to talk with him about all that good stuff, and now we are friends :) haha
- Got to go up and be a witness at Rachel's baptism. She is the sister of a Recent Convert in the ward and was sweet to see how excited she was to "come closer to Christ" even with some family against it :)
- Glad to hear that Kevin love is on the Cavs #I<3LeBron haha it will be interesting to hear how well they work together, someone plz keep me updated! 
- One of my roommates got 230 Chigga bits hahahahahahahahahah #ohkellis
- We started helping this nice man open up on of his Res truants. It is called Ninja Go-go. So that is one of our man service projects.
- One of our Investigators pulled out a book "Why I am Nazarene and not ____" and went though the big religion and tells why one is a Nazarene and not the others..... Really? Would a real Christian person write a book like that? #realtalk
- Ate a huge burger this past week :0 ready for this? 1/2lb burger, bacon, lettus, egg, and instead of buns, it had 2 full size grilled cheese sandwiches. Dang it was good. Oh, and that was at Brass Monkey. Definitively check it out if your in the area :) great fry's and BBQ sauce. 

Last I just wanted to mention something that tots grind my gears! WHEN PEOPLE DON"T COME TO CHURCH, so yeah. This si the goal this week to help people realize the importance of Church attendance, not only is it a commandment, but it is fun! Learn to enjoy it :) Well I pray some of u write me a letter, would really like that, <3 U

- Elder Young

Sorry, Pics next week. Camera is having problems :( 

Also, in letters that u send, u can include ur favorite Talks!

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