Monday, August 25, 2014

Busy CRAY CRAY busy!

Holy cow, What a week it has been! Definitly one of the most busy weeks on the mission! 

  • Start off with the best part of the week. We had a tri-stake Zone conference that Elder Anderson of the 70ty spoke at. He talkesd about many gret things their! A few of my favorite thoughts include;
  • Flooding the earth. if you were able to watch elder Bednar's recent devotional given at BYU education week, it was on flooding the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Well on friday we related that to the 2 other times in church history when a prophet has used that term. 1st in moses case, and the 2nd in President Bensons case refering to flooding the earth with The Book of Mormon.
  • Talked about the power of the church does not come from the leaders of the church, but in the members sustaining the leaders.
  • and last It does not matter how much experience we have when we recieve callings in church, setting apart is what gives us the power to fulfil that calling. 
  • I am finally getting the hang of doing family history. I have sat down with some members in the past week and are finally getting the hang of it and feel comfortable teaching people how to do it. Hopefully this can lead to teaching members not even of the church hw to do it!
  • We have had awesoem success finding this week. I learned at the Conference that Bishops and Stake Presidents have the "Keys" for missionary work in our respective areas. With this our bishop asked us to work in one specific area of the ward and SUCCESS had COME! 
  • Found a Part-member family in the ward that no one even knew about. The GF is not a member but wants the family that she sees in members of the church. It was cool that I felt totally comfortable promissing her that this church is here to help you raise a family with the foundation of Christ!
  • Also had a guy just stop us on the side of the road to say hi. he is also a member but we had no idea about him! Hasn't come to church is a very long time but always a time to start :) 
  • So after not going to this area for the first 4 months I was in the ward. Now 5 out fo the 7 days of the week are there!
  • Totall had a ladt "break-up" with us this week. We were walking past this lady we gave a Boof of Mormon to a few days before and she just said never come over again, I am not interested. So for some reason i did not push her but just decided #ontothenextone P.S. I miss that song :) 
  • Found out two of out solid potential investigators are Best friends so thats already so good fellowship! 
  • We went over to see a sister in the ward that just moved in and has never been to church. Well the visit in a nutshell was bad :( it was soooo awkward and what made it worse, she was a return missionary and when we invited her to church she just said I am in-active...... HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN! Ahhhh blew my mind how someone could serve the Lord for a year and a half and come back and forget everything they commit those people to do...... Cracy Cray
  • HAHAH last we just had a lesson with  a single mom yesterday whose both kids recently got baptized into the the church but he is..... NAZERINE! hahah we have decent lessons with her but everytime she just starts crying saying how sad and sorry she is for us that we are so decieved! I honestly just have to laugh! I am like u can be serious! This is Chirst church, thanks goodness I am not decieved! IDK but she will come around with a softened heart and lots of prays!
Anyways, thanks for reading. Love u all and feel free to write me! Oh, and include any good pranks I could do...... I have been in this home for 5 months and need to spice things up :) 
Love Elder Young

Me last week after I got my teeth worked on for 2 hours :''(

Cut my hair :( 

WoW great time to take a picture :) this is all the elders in the house!

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