Monday, August 18, 2014


Well everyone, this week has been a very interesting week. Some good days, some bad, Some painful, some sad...... But HEY being a missionary is all about throwing up the DEUCES to the bad days and go on to the PARTY ones! (ps, party as a missionary is teaching lessons all day everyday) 

- First, I have had AWFUL allergies this week :( so yeah, that has been one downer this week :) 
- Grilled one of our INV for not coming to church, just to follow up on last weeks last post. We did have more peoplea at church this week but hery, we can always do better! 
- We are continuing to help this restruant get open. Sould be opening this week! #ninjagogo
- Well lets just say that Thrusday this past week was Hell! I had to get 5 Cavities filled all because of my crave for Mountain Dew. Well I am tots cutting back on it cuz that was not worth it! 
- Cleaned an INV carpets this week.
- I do have to saw that i have been chilling poolside a lot lately teaching so good lessons! You defintiyl find INV that way :) 
- If u ever come to the east coast you have to go to WAWA or Sheetz, both are great place to get a sub!
- So yeah, and then this morning I finished Doctrine Covenants so that is sweet.

Well that the run down of the week. We also found 3 New sweet HUMBLE Investigators ready to receive the message we have to share :0 so I love that!

Anyways hope Everyone has a good week, preparing to get back into school! DO WERK and have fun! and write me letters :) 

- Elder Young

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