Monday, August 4, 2014

August, WHA!?!?!?!?

WoW! I honestly can not believe that it is August. I was writing August 1st in my journal the other day and it hit me. I only have a YEAR LEFT in this wonderful experience of a life time. Last year this time I was just being lazy, wondering how I could ever survive for two years in the Philippines, and morning my two good friends leaving on their missions. A year later I am in Virginia, having the time of my life. Be able to share the fullness of the gospel to the great people of Virginia! Being able to be a part of seeing peoples lives change, their priorities change into seeing things at an eternal Perspective total makes this mission worth it.

We had a sister return home from her mission in the ward yesterday. And she gave a testimony on how she thought that she was giving up so much to go on this mission. When really she could not have imagined life without going on a mission and learning all those great life skills. Missions do pay off, not only with temporal needs, but Spiritual. Anyways;

So we just had transfers, and Elder Tirrell left..... But, My new companion is Elder Goold. He has only been out for three months and seems great He is a soccer player so no complaint there :0 and he is from Riverton, Utah!

As far as teaching lesson to our investigators this week, lots of them were out of town taking their last minute vacations. So that was a bummer. An even  bigger bummer though, we helped a crazy lady clean up her house after she flooded it hahaha That is the mormon life :)

K so a though that I have been thinking about today. Many good books and stories have a "Good and Happy" ending... Well the Book of Mormon does not..... Unless you look at what that book has accomplished now. The Book of Mormon was written for us to read to help us find happiness. Mormon did not want to conclude the book with a sad ending, but God made him cuz he know that down the road it would make more people happy than Mormon could have ever imagined.

Anywho, That probably doesn't make since. I feel like everything I type is just BLAH :( so you guys should send me a letter because I will be in this area at least  5 more weeks :)

Love Elder Young

PS pics will come next week

PSS, I need to revamp my tie wardrobe.... I need some bright colored ones, to make people happy to see me :) so send some my way if you would like me to help make people's day brighter :)

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