Monday, April 27, 2015

Nothing but the best for Tappahannock

Brothers and sisters, we are coming off one of my most favorite weeks so far on a mission! So last week, we didn't have to many lessons, and we let the members get involved with our investigators. Well this week we were able to continue that trend, and also teach lots! We had 11 investigators lessons taught by Thursday alone. Idk if that a lot for other missions but for ours, that's usually a good number for a full weeks worth! We were able to follow up with those lessons by helping a recent convert completely redo a whole room. We finished ripping out the floor, painted, and layer floor. I was thinking out how our mission president gave us the council to make sure we put our mission on our resume. Well now I know why..... U learn sooooo many skills, it's great! And we have also been working with a few of the recent converts in getting there family history in and names to go up to the Washington, D.C. Temple! Exciting time :)

Let's see, what else went on this week.
  1. I was able to attend a social services meeting this week. That was pretty interesting, fun to give our input. 
  2. We had one of our older investigators that we had not seen for about a month, when we sat down this week tell us she is one chapter away from finishing Book of Mormon (starting from 3rd Nephi) 
  3. Remember that referral from Arizona, she told us "I want to get baptized tomorrow" :) well obviously that made us jump for joy. Just a couple more things we have to get worked, so pray for that. 
  4. A huge tree fell down in front of the church so we took the initiative to take it down . That was had, but another one of those good learning experiences. 
  5. Moved a family out of the ward so that was sad :( 

But even with all of this. Sunday was still the best day, let me tell you. So it was a regional conference for the North America north east area. So I'll be honest I was shacking in my boats, we had four investigators at church, one being her first time. And u know how regain oak conference is, it's a 2 hour long meeting and different. Well I sucked up my fear, everyone came and lezzz be real, it was awesome! Out stake president was able to address us the first half hour and his talk built upon exactly what I talked about last week. THE SPIRIT IN THE HOME. Just a testament to me that this is a VERY important concept. Without the spirit in the home 

 "our children learn the dance steps without learning to hear and to feel the beautiful music of the gospel, they will over time become uncomfortable with the dance and will either quit dancing or, almost as bad, keep dancing only because of the pressure they feel from others who are dancing around them."

Then we were able to go over to a member home and had a great lesson and lunch with the sister that we found last week from Swift Creek. The lesson was on the tree of life, it is just great to be able to teach lessons in homes that already have the spirit. Gotta love strong families. AND THEN we came home and the Pack-tron drove us up to witness the Patriarchal Blessing. It was a freaken stellar day! Not to mention i came home to my favorite meal sister Kent makes.... POT PIE :) <3 (:

I love y'all, hope and pray all is going swell! God bless.

- elder cj young

Driving these fools around, Gotta love it

Dinner at Pueblo Azteca. Sorry for the 100% awkwardness

These are some awesome people. Was able to attend the Patriarchal blessing for this great brother!

Oh and here is Jerrell's performance from just a few days ago. He went down to an Audition or something. Pretty Fun, that is brother!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Right place right time

Hey everyone. Haha So today started out like a normal missionary day simply because we had a member out tracking with us last week and all that he did as he knocked on doors was scheduled lessons for us this morning. But oddly enough I actually enjoyed it. Guess I am hitting that point of the mission where p-days are filling up with teaching..... I love it!!

K, cool awesome story this week. So rewind like a year ago. I am in swift creek and meet this 18 year old girl that the missionaries had been teaching for like 6 months and was lined up for baptism. We'll story goes on, she moves out and we lose contact with her. 

Our booth at the Farmers Market (Elder Urrutia)

Well u see this beautiful booth. We set it up at the local farmers market focusing on family history. We had a lot of success that day but the most immediate success was this sister showed up out of no where! Hahaha we'll turns out she lives right across the street from the church. She has thought every Sunday about coming over but never did cause she didn't know anyone there. She came yesterday and seemed to enjoy it, said she would be coming back. Even granted it can be hard cause there is not like any sisters her age. But that was a cool miracle and another testimony to me that I am where I am suppose to be.

Les see, what else did I do this week.... We actually didn't teach to many people this week. But in many ways that was a good thing because we saw our solid investigators more than ever. Instead we gave the members the responsibility and they stepped up! It was great to see the member interacting with them at church, Wednesday night activities, and even out side of church activities! Gotta love that!!

So the work is moving forward here! I am grateful to be a part of it! Just some other fun things that went down this week:
- Other elders worked with operation inasmuch doing service in the community
- We got two meals where the restaurant paid for them.
- Went to a crazy ton of less actives this week.
- Drove Spanish around to there apt cuz they crashed there car like a couple months ago haha classic.
- Hung out with sensaie, but now he is back in Utah! So if u see him say hi! He looks like a Buddha :)

Love y'all, Take care, Be safe, Good luck
-elder cj Young

Ps was told I am coming home August 12, so I assume homecoming is the following Sunday. Would love to see u there!!

So sad story, a bird pooped on a Book of Mormon Near us
Just one of those selfies
I added pictures to my family tree

Monday, April 13, 2015

So much Gratitude

K I just have to say that yesterday alone was probably the best day in the mission field and honestly nothing like crazy happened! We truly had a great fast and testimony meeting! Like as a missionary your always scared to bring your friends to church cause lezzz be real, some completely blow! Anyway, yesterday's was phenomenal! We even had great testimonies from members about there missionaries experiences they have had! And to make it the best is we had all the investigators there that we were praying for! One of which should be getting baptized next week :) his name is Keeth and he is a chill dude. I actually taught him last time I was in tappy town, but no missionaries saw him after I left so hey, another reason I had to come back!

Idk if I told y'all but we have been asked by the stake president to work on finding over the next 3 weeks. Well he set a lofty goal but hey, he has the "keys" for the missionary work so we went for it.... It was inspired! We have focused on finding this week for a reason! There are more people PREPARED in this area than ever before. We found 6 new people to teach. But even better, these aren't just new people to teach but truly people that are prepared to enters the baptism soooo soon!

Ahhhh I am just so grateful for the chance I have to be hear. Included in my fast yesterday was a fast of gratitude (I actually learned the idea from a brother in Staunton we reactivated). I am so grateful to be able fast and the many different way I can show God my gratitude to him! I love to do the lords work, and especially for the knowledge I have gained so I am truly able to do this work HIS way.

I hope y'all are have a blast out in Utah. It's great weather here so I assume it's pretty good out there for y'all! Take care, god bless, deuces!

- Elder CJ Young

So this was one of those ties my dad took on his mission!!! So i bought these stance socks like two weeks ago..... Well i wore them yesterday and then had to pick a tie and it was a no brainier!!! #matching #toocute

This pic looks completely trashy but here u go anyways

Nice river we drove over. It has some Indian name

So we had a Tamale Making Party with Hispanics and it actually turned out pretty well!

Nice House we found on a lake

This is Sensaie

Holla Holla, while we are fishing our cares away

This brother is a dime of a dozen!

Ps something I came to last week. If we are not using this technology, guidance, and inspiring we have received in this dispensations, and especially in this era (ex; indexing, Mormon messages, all our family records, bible videos, and any more)..... We are a waste! We could have been born a thousands years ago and it would not have made a difference. But hey, we were saved for these latter day! So do something great with it!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter, Conference, and Service = Trill Week

Hey y'all, hope u had a great Easter! Ours was a little different, not only being on a mission, but because of general conference! But hey, general conference was awesome. The past couple conferences I have felt kind of the roller coaster effect as I watch. With some talks I really loved, then others that I just have to smile through :) but this conference there were just a lot of solid, consistent, good talks. I hope that y'all were able to see some of them. If not, definitely worth it to go back and read! I am excited for the ensign.

The missionary work this week was different. We did not teach to many lessons which was odd. We actually did do a lot of service. We cleaned up that ladies yard that we found last week on the beach (that lesson with her was the worst thing of my life). Then we also cleaned the most filthy house I have ever seen! Like for real, let me tell u! Five people lived in this place and to say they didn't take care of themselves would be an understatement. Haha I was joking; even if Christ walked in here, it would be hard to keep the spirit. Probably a bad joke for fur real! The spirit can not dwell in unholy places, let alone place that make u hurl the second u step inside!!! ;( We also helped moved some furniture, prepared Easter decorations, and helped take down two giant trees in front of our house! So that was cool to see! We still have some really great people that we are working with! No one set with a baptismal date; but by the end of this week we hope to have 2. Just so y'all know, now it holds me accountable.

Well again, I hope your Easter  holiday was awesome. I am grateful for this church and how of has helped me gain vast knowledge. Especially grateful for the brotheren that we are able to sustain as Prophets, Seers, and Revalators. God Bless!

- Elder Young

One of the Trees

Ratchet nasty house
I bought this outfit at Good will about an hour before this picture was taken haha

HAHA Gotta love getting a ride places

Elder Packer, Simkins and I

We were past out tired from a day of service

Oh and Transfer calls came in. Elder Crowley and I are staying together one more transfer! That will make three! But elder Simkins is leaving. Pray his replacement is cool!