Monday, April 20, 2015

Right place right time

Hey everyone. Haha So today started out like a normal missionary day simply because we had a member out tracking with us last week and all that he did as he knocked on doors was scheduled lessons for us this morning. But oddly enough I actually enjoyed it. Guess I am hitting that point of the mission where p-days are filling up with teaching..... I love it!!

K, cool awesome story this week. So rewind like a year ago. I am in swift creek and meet this 18 year old girl that the missionaries had been teaching for like 6 months and was lined up for baptism. We'll story goes on, she moves out and we lose contact with her. 

Our booth at the Farmers Market (Elder Urrutia)

Well u see this beautiful booth. We set it up at the local farmers market focusing on family history. We had a lot of success that day but the most immediate success was this sister showed up out of no where! Hahaha we'll turns out she lives right across the street from the church. She has thought every Sunday about coming over but never did cause she didn't know anyone there. She came yesterday and seemed to enjoy it, said she would be coming back. Even granted it can be hard cause there is not like any sisters her age. But that was a cool miracle and another testimony to me that I am where I am suppose to be.

Les see, what else did I do this week.... We actually didn't teach to many people this week. But in many ways that was a good thing because we saw our solid investigators more than ever. Instead we gave the members the responsibility and they stepped up! It was great to see the member interacting with them at church, Wednesday night activities, and even out side of church activities! Gotta love that!!

So the work is moving forward here! I am grateful to be a part of it! Just some other fun things that went down this week:
- Other elders worked with operation inasmuch doing service in the community
- We got two meals where the restaurant paid for them.
- Went to a crazy ton of less actives this week.
- Drove Spanish around to there apt cuz they crashed there car like a couple months ago haha classic.
- Hung out with sensaie, but now he is back in Utah! So if u see him say hi! He looks like a Buddha :)

Love y'all, Take care, Be safe, Good luck
-elder cj Young

Ps was told I am coming home August 12, so I assume homecoming is the following Sunday. Would love to see u there!!

So sad story, a bird pooped on a Book of Mormon Near us
Just one of those selfies
I added pictures to my family tree

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