Monday, April 27, 2015

Nothing but the best for Tappahannock

Brothers and sisters, we are coming off one of my most favorite weeks so far on a mission! So last week, we didn't have to many lessons, and we let the members get involved with our investigators. Well this week we were able to continue that trend, and also teach lots! We had 11 investigators lessons taught by Thursday alone. Idk if that a lot for other missions but for ours, that's usually a good number for a full weeks worth! We were able to follow up with those lessons by helping a recent convert completely redo a whole room. We finished ripping out the floor, painted, and layer floor. I was thinking out how our mission president gave us the council to make sure we put our mission on our resume. Well now I know why..... U learn sooooo many skills, it's great! And we have also been working with a few of the recent converts in getting there family history in and names to go up to the Washington, D.C. Temple! Exciting time :)

Let's see, what else went on this week.
  1. I was able to attend a social services meeting this week. That was pretty interesting, fun to give our input. 
  2. We had one of our older investigators that we had not seen for about a month, when we sat down this week tell us she is one chapter away from finishing Book of Mormon (starting from 3rd Nephi) 
  3. Remember that referral from Arizona, she told us "I want to get baptized tomorrow" :) well obviously that made us jump for joy. Just a couple more things we have to get worked, so pray for that. 
  4. A huge tree fell down in front of the church so we took the initiative to take it down . That was had, but another one of those good learning experiences. 
  5. Moved a family out of the ward so that was sad :( 

But even with all of this. Sunday was still the best day, let me tell you. So it was a regional conference for the North America north east area. So I'll be honest I was shacking in my boats, we had four investigators at church, one being her first time. And u know how regain oak conference is, it's a 2 hour long meeting and different. Well I sucked up my fear, everyone came and lezzz be real, it was awesome! Out stake president was able to address us the first half hour and his talk built upon exactly what I talked about last week. THE SPIRIT IN THE HOME. Just a testament to me that this is a VERY important concept. Without the spirit in the home 

 "our children learn the dance steps without learning to hear and to feel the beautiful music of the gospel, they will over time become uncomfortable with the dance and will either quit dancing or, almost as bad, keep dancing only because of the pressure they feel from others who are dancing around them."

Then we were able to go over to a member home and had a great lesson and lunch with the sister that we found last week from Swift Creek. The lesson was on the tree of life, it is just great to be able to teach lessons in homes that already have the spirit. Gotta love strong families. AND THEN we came home and the Pack-tron drove us up to witness the Patriarchal Blessing. It was a freaken stellar day! Not to mention i came home to my favorite meal sister Kent makes.... POT PIE :) <3 (:

I love y'all, hope and pray all is going swell! God bless.

- elder cj young

Driving these fools around, Gotta love it

Dinner at Pueblo Azteca. Sorry for the 100% awkwardness

These are some awesome people. Was able to attend the Patriarchal blessing for this great brother!

Oh and here is Jerrell's performance from just a few days ago. He went down to an Audition or something. Pretty Fun, that is brother!

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