Monday, May 4, 2015

May the fourth be with u...... Sorry

Hahah sorry everyone about the title, u are probably hearing and seeing this all over place and are just as annoyed by it as much as I am, or maybe not :/ but let me tell u, my brain is fried and all over the place thanks to the fact that I spent about 6 hours in the Emergency Room with my beautiful companion. :) haha 

Let me tell you, so he was cleaning the fish bowl Sunday after the church. Actually while we were making a cake for one of our investigator's birthday! So yeah, cleaning the fish bowl, drops it in the sick, shatters, and fingers get all cut up (FYI, I did not do good with all the blood :/ ). We go to the local emergency room but granted we are in TAPPAHANNOCK VIRGINIA! Hahah so we sit there for a hour or so and then one of our members walks in and is like "uhhhh no, u need to leave, this place is ratchet" hahah so we travel all the way to Richmond for a decent ER! So All in all it doesn't seem to be to awful, he got 9 stitches total and life goes on.

I'll just run through the rest of the week fast cause like for real, my brain is still recovering.
  • Fast and testimony meeting went over by like 15 or 20 minutes..... Ahhhh most people are like what ever but for reals????? The spirit leaves when the handbook says to end the meeting, why would it keep going....
  • BUT one of our most amazing sisters that we are working with that is NOT EVEN A MEMBER bore a very powerful testimony! Like for real, that was an awesome experience for the members to see and us. Love it!!
  • That cake we made for our investigators birthday that I told u about, it was like a tie did cake, let me tell u that was awesome to make!! Pics included
  • The Richmond, Virginia Mission will be getting iPads on May 29th. Holla Holla, just if ur wondering, I will not have to buy one. If u go home before November you get a loaner one, so that's nice! 
  • We blitz downtown Richmond this week after we had a meeting there. That was fun, get to see all the cray cray people and such. It's cool, but that is definitely a scary place to raise a family!! 
  • Oh and we went to the dentist this week.... I had not cavities :) but hey, let me tell y'all. This dentist was one of those like older ones so ghetto. So idk how much I trust him that I didn't have any cavities but we will go with it! :)
  • Cleaned out a giant fish tank this week, like had to drain the water by hose cuz it was so big! Granted this wasn't the fish bowl Crowley got his hand all cut up one, it was still and experience. 
  • Other than that we just had some great lessons this week. Hopefully to started baptizing every week in the coming weeks, just got to get it started, that's always the hardest part! 
Last but not least, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO THE MOMS OUT THERE ESPECIALLY, MY MOM!! And also especially to my friend's moms who were real nice and talked to me. :) love y'all. Y'all are great influences on me and ur homies around u. 
I will be using "Google Hangouts" on sunday so if anyone wants to hope on, that would be real nice to see y'all's beautiful faces.

Our sweet awesome colorful cake!!

Gotta love making this, hahah It was hard work for a cake

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The finished project, but i guess not cause we still put icing on... after the ER

This is brother, he is the Rapper i told some of you about
Brother Leise, Larry and Jerrell @ 
Just some random Selfie in the Apt.
Cool picture in the car window :) #trill

THese are Great brothers, always a plessure to spend time with them

IDK who took this or when but yeah

HAHA i took this selfie while wait for a brother to come out of his house for a lesson


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