Monday, May 18, 2015

Bitter Sweet.... Deuces to Tappy!

Man, First off, the most depressing news of the week comes in the form of a transfer call Saturday night.... I AM LEAVING TAPPAHANNOCK!! :( I guess it is not totally awful because I get to sneak in one more area before i head home, but i am definitely going to miss this place, especially the friendships i have made the honestly the great success that is here. This email will includes lots of pictures because I don't have lots of time with having to pack and all, and the fact that there are so many pictures u can look at, u will be able to tell all the fun we had. So i will just let the pictures tell the story for this week :) 

Awesome Chiropractor here in Tappahannock!

 All these pictures are from a walk we went on behind a member's home when we had Elder Parkinson with us!
We assume this was a deer.... but who knows

HAHAH this was suppose to be   VRM   for the Virginia Richmond Mission


Ahhh I love these two! can't wait till he get big 

Probably wont like the effect but nice picture with our Bishop

My best friend in tapphannock

This is the clan, that goes down as one of the greatest!!

Elder Parkinson and I

Besties with..... Name tags :) 

Only a few more months left in this beautiful land

This is a great friend!! and great picture

Laying on the greens

Another one of those great groups

Us making Jerrell's I'm A Mormon 

Definitively fell asleep one day while driving :( sorry 

Best invention ever!!

This was a park I hit up with some members while Elder Crowley had his surgery done!

Teaching some guy Family History during the Farmers Market

And last but not least, the Baptism last Saturday!

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