Monday, May 11, 2015

Normal Week W/ SMiling Faces!

What up YALL!!! It was great to be able to see many of you last night :) you guys always bring a smile to my face!!

This week as far as missionary work has gone really well. We did have to go up to Richmond twice this week due to a meeting and Dr. Appointment but we were still able to see all our people that we are #soblessed to work with. We have one baptism coming up this week for Brother Gaskins. We are pumped about that..... It has been the first one in like 2 moths!!! So we got to get back on track somehow. Hopefully we can get a lot of other people out to it also. Other than that let me Just say two of the better parts of the week :) the pleassent surprises!!

  • Brother Dandridge ( a recent convert from two months ago) had a friend come to church with him! A friend that we actually had a lesson with a little before brother Dandridge got Baptized! Cool to see the missionary work come out of recent converts, who have seen the wonderful miracles and power the gospel brings.  
  • We got a phone call from this brother identifiying himself as a less active in tappahnnock branch. Tells us he needs a book of mormon asap. So we promise to bring him one the next day buy also tell him how to down load it. Well we go over the next day and he is like, I have already listened to 2 Nephi 2, AND you need to baptize my wife before you leave. HAHAH so believe it or not, i have heard that a couple times on the mission but usually they dont pan out to anything great. But, we go back the next day to find the wife is just as excited to get baptized as the husband said!! We had a great lesson and is definitely getting baptized on June 6!! #soprepared :) #godshand :) #HollaHolla

Love yall, sorry this weeks is a little shorts, gotta get to work :) 
- Elder CJ Young

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