Monday, January 26, 2015

Got Pictures to prove whats up!

First and most important, Check this out! He is local and joined the church a while back. The greatest guy I know and would love the support. Download his stuff.

Specifically at least check out;

Devil in my Rear View
Part of the problem
Before I go (get good a minute in)
Full Controll
The People The Church

And let me know what you think! 


Anyways, Dang, i can not even believe that i am already emailing you all again. I guess it was a little of a shorter week but still, this week has flown by. In some ways I am really hoping it will slow down. But then I am like who cares, its the Lords timing and he will take care of what needs to happen :) so just to start off, here is a little side story; 

So we had this guy call the Family History phone while we were  here. Elder Crowley answers and he is just drilling Elder Crowley to buy this ice melt product, making him all of these special offers and good stuff. Finally, I am just sick of listening to it so I take the phone to say, "You know what, we are the Church of Jesus Christ so we have money to blow and don't need no special offers." :) well that ended the call. HAHAh so as you can tell I am still as sassy as ever. 

So yeah, that phone call just went right along with the week that we had just had. We have been able to find some pretty solid people to teach. One was just a young couple we found knocking a apt complex. And literally the door before we knock on his a cop pulls up so we are like, FML really? but turns out he was actually really cool and was like, "Yall Mormons??" and we were like yeah?? and he was like "keep doing the good work." so yeah, he didn't get mad at us at all and then we found Michael so boooooo YA!!!

We also have been helping clean out this old antique store that a member owns that got flooded when some pipes burst. SO to spice some things up we have taken so stuff out of it so scare the other missionaries, Then twice this past week we hide in the basement and scared the others. Even got a sister missionary to cry she was so scared. Its all good and fun though cause the member that was a lady was the instigator :) 

As far as teaching right now we have two people on date. one for Feb. 21st when is solid. The other is for the 14 which is a little shack but the prophets asks us to set everyone on date so we do! 

So as you will see there are probably like 40 or so pictures to go along with this weeks email. A picture is worth a thousand words so hope you enjoy them. Take car and never hesitant to send me letters :0 

Good Luck

- Elder CJ Young

The Krebs. Our Branch Mission leader In Buckingham. They treated us like kings :) 

Elder Springer and I going to transfers. This kids coming home in 4 weeks. So Gurls be ready :0

HAHAH We are cuties

Elder Crowley, my new comp :) 

Me working on the area book.

Cut my Hair :( 

Selfie with the new do :/ Dont really like it but Yolo


HAHAH honestly I dont remember taking this buy here it is.

Laying ball in the morning makes you tired

Our beautiful church. If your in tappy come and join with us.

Elder Strelyuk, He is home so if you see him give him a hug for me :) 

We got snow the first full day I was here :) #neverbeenbetter


Tracting selfie

One more for the money

This is the day i decided I needed to cut my hur

Awesome llamas we saw driving

So story, we just felt like we should drive down this dirt road and at the end of the mile long road this is what we find...... :( 

To much fun in the sun

HAHAH Idk why this was taken but oh well

Repping Woods Cross whenever I go. #iamstuckinhighschool

To much Fun not in the sun.

To cool for school #Newboyz

At stratford hall

Tell ma we made it 

Cool pic :)

let's go to the beach beach let's go get away

Throwing up the LOGO

To cute with the river. My comp said I look stupid in it though :( 

Worst Experience of my lyfee!!!

IDK why i am smiling, I really hated this.

Last one of the day and they thought i was going to pass out. #tinietempah

I know I say this a lot, But these really are my 4 favorite Brothers!!!

Hhahah We are cuties. 

All four of us need gurls in 6 monthes :0  fyi

Elder Harmer and I just kicking it in the 804

These two are odd. 

The elders in the branch. PS the one on the left is by far the best. #spittenryhms

Sister ranover some one. Classic sister missionaries

The Creepy Room

Had these homies in Tappy town for a day

Elder Harmer and I stretching. Used to do this at home with girls. Works with guys too :0 

Great people I left in Buckingham, She actually got baptized on saturday so #Holla #holla

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back to Tappy Town

Well who would've thought but I am back in Tappahannock, Virginia to continue my mission work here! My new companions name is elder Crowley, we served around each other in my last area so I am super excited for this next transfer. We are pretty similar and then not in some ways so it should be a party! It is kind of funny though how i have already run into some people that remember me and others that totally either forgot and just think i am another missionary. I do have to say it does make it  kind of awkward when you don't know if they do remember :0 hahah. Elde Crowley and I did both get shotgunned in this area which makes it exciting just starting  from scratch. They also brought down a set of spanish missionaries down here so yeah, the work is exploding here and I am so grateful to be apart of it.
HAHAH k side note. We are just in the library and the lady at the front is taking on this guy and all we hear hi,  "Well I got sent to jail for six months with a high bond like i was some kind of gangster, so i couldn't get out." HAHAH idk i just thought that was funny :)
Anyway life is so great back in Tappahannock. Nothing beats coming back to a area to see people are still active and the missions are still working with the people that you found. I guess so far I don't really know why i am here but I am sure that i will soon find out! The past missionaries left us with a few people that we can work with but we have really relied on the spirit to find our own. We have already meet some awesome people here so that is great! I have definitely already learned by coming back to this area one important lesson. Not everyone is prepared. There are definitely people that are more prepared than others, and those are the ones that the Lord wants us to find. I am so grateful I have to say for the Holy Ghost and how we can have it in our lives by simply making daily scripture study and pray part of our lives. It can guide us and comfort us.
I am sorry that this is short. These computers are making my hands hurts and i can't upload any pictures but let me tell you. We have taken like a hundred just this week :) can't wait for you all to see them! Also, we went to stratford hall yesterday so that was a cool historical site.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Wind Chill and Transfers :'''(

Hey everyone. So so sorry this email is probably going to be pretty short. We got transfer calls on Saturday and I am leaving Buckingham :(. I have really learned to enjoy the past few months that I was able to serve here. I will admit at first i was like..... WOW coooountry :0 hahah But Hey I am so grateful for the experiences I have had out here, the lessons I have learned, and the peoples like hopefully I was able to touch. As far as missionary work goes this week things are still looking up. Not able to meet with as many people as we would like but every day we were able to come in contact with someone that was nice and reading the message we had the share with them. 

I don't know where I am going, so u can just pray that it is somewhere warm :) jk But it is getting pretty cold here in Virginia. Was down in the teens and probably the single Digits at night plus awful wind chill. 

Cray Cray Hair :) 

That sweet awesome sweater i bought Gotta Love the Cheesy smile right??

I did have the wonderful chance to attend a baptismal service for a sweet 8 year old gurl in the branch. Boi was that just a great service. I don't know why but that service just really touched me. Even though the girl was just 8 so had minimal sins I assume.I am grateful that Christ gave us that example to follow, i know that it is a great one! 

Also had the great chance to read this awesome article on member missionary work that I just wanted to share it with Yall. (PS, I used to try and refrain from using yall on emailing and talking with yall but its just to hard, its apart of my vocab:( )

I know its long but read it. It is great. to take what I saw as the most important part out of there. we all need to do better at our daily Scripture study and praying. They are literally the ONLY was to have the Holy Ghost with us. Without the Holy ghost with us in missionary work we are just selling a product that is no better than a magic bullet and it is all just lip service. So yeah, iDK if that made since but try it. Well I love you all and please take care! 

Much love, Elder young