Monday, January 12, 2015

Wind Chill and Transfers :'''(

Hey everyone. So so sorry this email is probably going to be pretty short. We got transfer calls on Saturday and I am leaving Buckingham :(. I have really learned to enjoy the past few months that I was able to serve here. I will admit at first i was like..... WOW coooountry :0 hahah But Hey I am so grateful for the experiences I have had out here, the lessons I have learned, and the peoples like hopefully I was able to touch. As far as missionary work goes this week things are still looking up. Not able to meet with as many people as we would like but every day we were able to come in contact with someone that was nice and reading the message we had the share with them. 

I don't know where I am going, so u can just pray that it is somewhere warm :) jk But it is getting pretty cold here in Virginia. Was down in the teens and probably the single Digits at night plus awful wind chill. 

Cray Cray Hair :) 

That sweet awesome sweater i bought Gotta Love the Cheesy smile right??

I did have the wonderful chance to attend a baptismal service for a sweet 8 year old gurl in the branch. Boi was that just a great service. I don't know why but that service just really touched me. Even though the girl was just 8 so had minimal sins I assume.I am grateful that Christ gave us that example to follow, i know that it is a great one! 

Also had the great chance to read this awesome article on member missionary work that I just wanted to share it with Yall. (PS, I used to try and refrain from using yall on emailing and talking with yall but its just to hard, its apart of my vocab:( )

I know its long but read it. It is great. to take what I saw as the most important part out of there. we all need to do better at our daily Scripture study and praying. They are literally the ONLY was to have the Holy Ghost with us. Without the Holy ghost with us in missionary work we are just selling a product that is no better than a magic bullet and it is all just lip service. So yeah, iDK if that made since but try it. Well I love you all and please take care! 

Much love, Elder young

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