Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back to Tappy Town

Well who would've thought but I am back in Tappahannock, Virginia to continue my mission work here! My new companions name is elder Crowley, we served around each other in my last area so I am super excited for this next transfer. We are pretty similar and then not in some ways so it should be a party! It is kind of funny though how i have already run into some people that remember me and others that totally either forgot and just think i am another missionary. I do have to say it does make it  kind of awkward when you don't know if they do remember :0 hahah. Elde Crowley and I did both get shotgunned in this area which makes it exciting just starting  from scratch. They also brought down a set of spanish missionaries down here so yeah, the work is exploding here and I am so grateful to be apart of it.
HAHAH k side note. We are just in the library and the lady at the front is taking on this guy and all we hear hi,  "Well I got sent to jail for six months with a high bond like i was some kind of gangster, so i couldn't get out." HAHAH idk i just thought that was funny :)
Anyway life is so great back in Tappahannock. Nothing beats coming back to a area to see people are still active and the missions are still working with the people that you found. I guess so far I don't really know why i am here but I am sure that i will soon find out! The past missionaries left us with a few people that we can work with but we have really relied on the spirit to find our own. We have already meet some awesome people here so that is great! I have definitely already learned by coming back to this area one important lesson. Not everyone is prepared. There are definitely people that are more prepared than others, and those are the ones that the Lord wants us to find. I am so grateful I have to say for the Holy Ghost and how we can have it in our lives by simply making daily scripture study and pray part of our lives. It can guide us and comfort us.
I am sorry that this is short. These computers are making my hands hurts and i can't upload any pictures but let me tell you. We have taken like a hundred just this week :) can't wait for you all to see them! Also, we went to stratford hall yesterday so that was a cool historical site.


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