Monday, June 29, 2015

15 down 1 TO GO!!! $$$

Man, elder Holloway and I, after we got down just both looked at each other and literally said this to each other. HAHAH IT NUTS, ITS INSANE, IT UNREAL! But hey, I knew it was coming all along so now is the time to start going HAM. :) This week was great though, to skip to the End I was able to go back to my home for a baptism on Saturday (pictures coming next week) and then the spotsy elders had a baptism also with a cool brother. So being able to attend two baptismal services in one weekend...... NOTHing beats that!

During the beginning of the week, life missionary work was great to. After not having many people at sacrament last week, that grinded our gears so we went hard with just setting people on date, and now we have two great families on date! So I am definitely excited to be able to witness at least a few more people get wet before i deuce out of Virginia.

Like I mentioned last week, Keeping the Sabbath Day holy is something that the brotheren are stressing and now the member are hearing it to. Just yesterday the High Council delivered a message on it and that was great. It is just crazy how important Sabbath day observance. If you have not checked out the 10 Commandments Video the church put out here it is, watch it.

But keep that in mind, we have been counseled that the church is never going to put out a list of do's and don'ts on the Sabbath. It is different for every family! So don't make that mistake and do in ur church meetings, instead we have counseled on ideas and ways to keep the sabbath day MORE holy. I know if we do that we will be bless, have the spirit more with us, and people will recognize each of us as disciples of Christ.

I love you all, thanks for the great example you have set for me, Take Care, and God Bless!!!

Always fun filling the font!!

Elder Holloway and I taught the resto at the baptism

This is the Zone last P-Day on the volleyball grind

Haha these are just scary storm clouds :) 

Monday, June 22, 2015

It time to buckle down!!

Well everyone, it's has already been another week, time is flying by!! To put into perspective as a missionary. Transfer calls are this up coming Saturday which is crazy they are so close, but even more crazy is that my last comp is heading back to Utah next week! :0 that is just crazy to think about because that means this is my last transfer call that matters :0 honestly just blows my mind, but it's not time to turn it up!!

This has been a fun week, as far as missionary work it has had its ups and downs. We had a zone conference right in the middle of the week which was awesome but kind of threw everything for a spin. I'll tell u about the conference in a sec. Our investigators that we currently we have are doing well, we are just trying to get a feel for them if they are going to progress! Especially with in the next six weeks. Oh, let me feel yall in on a plane leer Holloway and I came up with. So we are both going home together, we live right next to each other and attend the same building. Our plan is to make August 8 just a baptism day! So for the next 3 weeks we are just going to go home to find those prepared to get dunked on that day and make it just a great, giant service :) hahah may sound a little crazy but it's going to be sweet!

Back to the zone conference, that was great! Probably the best part was that I got to see all my favorite elders!! And the meeting we definitely worth It. Let's just say we spent all day at that chapel which consisted of like 8 hours of meetings..... To feel u in though on two big things I am taking away

1. Sabbath day observance

2. The importance of the spirit

I do have to head, but think about those two principles because learning them, studying them, and living them are the best things we can do! I love yall and God Bless

- Elder Young

So one day this week we started out by mowing two lawns.... hahah so this is one of them, Sorry for the Ratchetness

This was an awesome pic elder Perkins drew talking about the importance of the spirit in conversion. It is everything!!

My favorite Elder and I

Dinner on Monday we had a member bring us each one of every sonic kids meal! Bomb Members here!!

Just a nice picture of the sky. The Sky is really beautiful out here

This is actually outside one of our inv. homes. But another nice picture on the pad

And last but not least, the baptism we had last week!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

One more bits the dust :)

Hey everyone :) i hope that y'all's week went well. We did have a baptism this past week so that made this week great! If we didn't have the baptism, I don't know if i could say it would have been a good week. Honestly a lot of it is just a blurr. We did a lot of knocking doors during that day and teaching at night. A better way to do missionary work if any of you were wondering would be to teach during the day and knock doors at night. One, more people are home at night. Two, It is less hot during the night cause let me tell u all, THIS IS A HOT SUMMER!! Like for reals, I think it is hotter this summer than it ever got last summer. Maybe that is why i don't remember anything :0 

Hmmmmm I don't really know what else to say about his past week. All i know is now we have to go on the FINDING GRIND. We still have a couple of people that could progress towards baptism in the coming weeks but we need to go find more. Besides the sister that got baptized no other investigators came to church. I know ur probably thing "what happened to the five there like two weeks ago....." Idk we are working with them :) its just life. 

Kids did just graduate here. So that made me go back and read one of the talks from my graduation, let me share a little with u on what i like and then I will weave it into the gospel somehow! 
"You're trying to decide whether you're crying because you're going o miss highs school so much or if you're crying because you can't wait to get moved on with life. Either way, we know that today will be the best day we had had in awhile. Looking back at all you have been through, it all guided you to this moment."

I think about just that snippet, and how this straight up applies to the mission. For some reason or another u the times that u grow the most is when ur not with ur parents.... there is a reasons they don't encourage parents to sit with there kids at school, take their tests, and do their homework. I know many of our parents wanted us to but thats just life a time to grow. Thinking about our heavenly father, we had to be separated from him to not only gain a body but to really live and grow. He would have loved to walk us through everything we had to do in life but then we will just be like those kids that are sheltered the first part of their life where they are not really learning much. And finally when the time comes when the get to the real world and realize that not everyone wears modest clothes, doesn't cuz, acts like Christ. When it comes down to it most people don't even really care whether its u or that raccon getting ran over...... 

I am grateful for my parents that let me learn and grow even before the mission. That really was the greatest blessing that they gave me :)

Well Idk if any of this makes since, u might have to read it a couple of times or u can just move on to sports center, either way. Take care, Love u, and Good luck!!

- Elder Young
This is the group. Every Night!! #CoverUrA$$ETS

"The Face" hahaha

Great Group
Haha we have a good time. Picture this just every night :)

Two a days can really kill u!

Myself, Manuma, and My comp
Pictures from the baptism will come later :)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lots of Meanness :,,,(

This week..... Hahah I don't really know what to say about it. It feels like just yesterday I was emailing yall. Guess that is just because it was short week. It has been a great week though! I remember telling yall how this was going to be a really tough area the first email, then the last email I probably made it sound pretty easy?? Well it's back to tough haha. This week we have had a lot of mean people talk to us. Some doer slams, other just flat out rude people I want to cuss out..... But I don't. I will share with yall something my comps and I have been contemplating.... Is it better to:

1. Be nice even if they are mean. And leave them just with the impression, or their respectable.


2. "Get in their face a little" so we can really say we literally put our life on the line? And maybe leave them with a bad taste in their mouth.

You can see both cases of the savior demonstrating both scenarios. So yeah, if u have anything profound idea HMU me. If not its all good. But really, this hasn't been that bad of week. Actually we have found some pretty prepared people. One of which we have one of the most solid first lessons with, he closes with "I miss how my old church we used to call each other brother and sister" haha party went off in my head, that was awesome! So next day comes around after lunch and he calls to drop us. Lemme tell u what I think happened; he got so stocked from the lesson we had with him that he began to tell his friends and other church family and they just anti-Ed him up and down! Oh well, sorry cuz that was another downer story but he is one I am wondering if I should go get in his face a little (out of love) or just let him suffer in an average church till the next life.

Oh I guess I do have a big plus to write about. That girl that showed up at church a few weeks ago is getting dunked this Saturday, June 13, 2015. She will be the first one I have found, taught and baptized in 3 weeks. And it definitely feels that way hahah we have taught her less lessons than anyone else I have baptized out here but she is just so prepared and fits for Doctrine & Covenants 20:37 and that all that matters!

So please keep her in her prayers that all goes well that week. And that I am able to keep my head up the rest of my mission. God would send me to the meanest area the last part of my mission :) all good though, I still love him :) and love you!
A good friend and I

So we didn't know what to do one day so i figured, hey i am sick of the city so we drove to the country part of our area to do work..... while there we found this. This is more like it!

HAHA another pic of Elder Holloway and I 

P.S. I added more pics to the update last week to check out!!
P.S.S. if anything is spelled wrong or sounds weird, its autocorrect on this iPad :) 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life is full of funness!!

What is up everyone! I told yall about how this week was going to the
be the bomb and it totally was. It definitely had its up and downs
like every week as a missionary. But let's go over some over the high
point guess the lows point can all be bunched into the category of
reacting and either no one is home or just ruin people. That's really
the only thing that can get u down in this area if u let it! Enough
with that, here are the goods!!

We got iPads! So that is what I am writing this email on now! They are
great, we just got them yesterday but we were able to already teach 2
lessons with them and have another 3 lined up for this evening. I am
sure the lord is anxious to increase the people we will be able to
reach as he has trusted us with these machines.

Next fun part of the week came on Tuesday evening and then on Sunday.
So Tuesday we were suppose to have this lesson with this awesome
sister, but apparently she had to go up to Detroit so we have the
bishops son and daughter out with us with no one to teach. So we were
reminded of this lady that asked for a blessing of strength because her
room mate was crazy sick,  and she didn't want to get it! Anyway we go
over, then the really sick lady comes down and wants a blessing. Keep
in mind she investigated the church a few years back and said it
wasn't for her, but now that she is sick as a dog I guess she got
humble. So we give her a blessing, heal her pretty much on the spot,
she gets up from the chair fine and goes on to show us her birds.....
So we were like cool, and then she shows up to church Sunday. I
probably didn't tell the right parts to y'all to understand but we just
had to laugh at it. We run into lots of people similar to that that
only come to the church or elders when they need something..... Oh
well, I am happy to offer them help :)

So on Friday we had a great day. We have a whole mission conference so
I was able to see all my good friends out here! We had elder Zewick
from the 70ty address us and he is a classes guy. I always am amazed
at people that can crack jokes, have fun, and laugh from the stand,
and still have a solid spirit with them while they speak. It was a
great meeting in which I learned a lot!

We had 5 investigators at church on Sunday which was great, already I
see this place turning into Tappahannock round two :) it is great, the
members really are great at fellowships get and invite these people
over. Things are just going great right now, I am sure my bubble will
be popped soon :/ but I continue to pray it does not! Especially
anytime before June 13 because that is when we have the next baptism
in this area!!! Her name is Erin and she is that awesome sister I
mentioned earlier! Just so solid and great testimony. One of those
that's testimony has grown because she has had to stand up for the
church so much in the past couple months!!

So funny story, we headed over to this brothers house who got baptized
like a year ago but is now going back to his old church that he was
going to before he joins ours. Anyway we have seen him a few times
before and we are friends. So the first few minutes we get there he is
making these sarcastic remarks and stuff which don't bother me but he
just thought I was taking him seriously..... So fast forward another
ten minutes, he agrees to take us to b-dubs as long as I stop my
sarcastic remarks :) hahah over that 10 minutes I just railed him....
Idk why, i probably shouldn't have but hey, that's what I do.

Let's see, what else! Oh I totally forgot with everything else going
on, I was able to go back down to Tappahannock for Emily baptism!! So
yeah that was super fun, able to see everyone. Most of them never
thought I even left :) but I loved it!! That place definite feels like

Other than all that we had just some awesome lesson and had great
follow-ups with people that had contact with the church previous but
for one reason or another didn't join. So ur prayers are working.
Continue to pray for this area and the great work of salvation that is
going on here! I love yall and enjoy some of these old pictures I got
from crowley's camera!

The Baptism I was able to attend in Tappy

My new comp, he is a fun guy!

Ahhhh Jerrell, I love this brother

Got my bag with my shades back that had been gone for like a week :)