Monday, June 29, 2015

15 down 1 TO GO!!! $$$

Man, elder Holloway and I, after we got down just both looked at each other and literally said this to each other. HAHAH IT NUTS, ITS INSANE, IT UNREAL! But hey, I knew it was coming all along so now is the time to start going HAM. :) This week was great though, to skip to the End I was able to go back to my home for a baptism on Saturday (pictures coming next week) and then the spotsy elders had a baptism also with a cool brother. So being able to attend two baptismal services in one weekend...... NOTHing beats that!

During the beginning of the week, life missionary work was great to. After not having many people at sacrament last week, that grinded our gears so we went hard with just setting people on date, and now we have two great families on date! So I am definitely excited to be able to witness at least a few more people get wet before i deuce out of Virginia.

Like I mentioned last week, Keeping the Sabbath Day holy is something that the brotheren are stressing and now the member are hearing it to. Just yesterday the High Council delivered a message on it and that was great. It is just crazy how important Sabbath day observance. If you have not checked out the 10 Commandments Video the church put out here it is, watch it.

But keep that in mind, we have been counseled that the church is never going to put out a list of do's and don'ts on the Sabbath. It is different for every family! So don't make that mistake and do in ur church meetings, instead we have counseled on ideas and ways to keep the sabbath day MORE holy. I know if we do that we will be bless, have the spirit more with us, and people will recognize each of us as disciples of Christ.

I love you all, thanks for the great example you have set for me, Take Care, and God Bless!!!

Always fun filling the font!!

Elder Holloway and I taught the resto at the baptism

This is the Zone last P-Day on the volleyball grind

Haha these are just scary storm clouds :) 

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