Monday, July 13, 2015

The Patience Grind

HAHA this week was one that i can definitely could tell God is getting me on the patient grind. it was a struggle this week! Actually, not to bad but I definitely see my patience growing. We have been able to come in contact with lots of people but taking the next step and teaching them is a whole other story. I guess a lot of that has to do with the 4th! I do have to say that they don't do holidays as big out here but it still was a party, we had lots of fun. I am including lots of pictures this week so u can see the fun stuff we are up to!

We do have some great people we are still working with. A great family from Ghana is progressing nicely. We had a great lesson with him this past week and bore a pretty powerful testimony to us as we were explaining to him what a testimony was. He didn't really understand what a testimony was, then after he got done talking we were like "that's your testimony!!!" ahhhh that was so great!

Other than that.... the picture of the Krispy Kreme Donuts explain the next best part of the week. So there is this brother, IDK if i told u about him but he is not looking to join the church because he loves his church family to much he says but still likes us to come over. Well The next lesson we committed him to Live the Law of the Tithe, then The Law of Chastity, and then the Word of Wisdom. And we promised him a box of donuts if he went without smoking for a week. Well he did, so he got the donuts. The only bad part, and the reason we took the picture in the first place is there was a fly in the box of Donuts..... Tisk Tisk Kripy Kreme :)

But that was the week. i hope yalls 4th was swell. Definitely missed the Eagle wood Fireworks but I will get have to be there next year :0 Love yall, take care. and have a fun life!!
- Elder Young

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