Monday, July 20, 2015

A week to test me

Another week down and it is honestly just sur-real! This week has been great. Still going strong after the awesome week, last week. This week I just wanted to touch on one point and then tell u little of other things that happened.

So we hit up our favorite Life Point church again for our Saturday night concert :) and this week I felt like something profound came to me there. It started out with, if a bear came in here, would I be able to get away...... (IDK where that thought came from, but just go with it). Then I thought about the promise that we I have as a member of the church striving to keep the Word of Wisdom, that I will "Run and not be weary, and to walk and not faint." Well that thought led me to think of others similar to the promises that we have as members of God's kingdom, then also what promises do we have as simply just God's children here on this earth. So I started making a list of some of those promises, my two favorites are first, The Constant Companionship of the Holy Ghost. Currently this gift is only given to about 16 million people in the world..... AND this is really the best gift anyone could ever ask for! I definitely know not all of those 15 million recognize the holy ghost in their life or even understand its purpose. But after being on the Lord's Errand for the past 2 years, this gift is priceless, I hope none of us will ever take it for granted, and we will USE IT!!!! My second favorite promise we receive as members of the church concerns our divine potential. Hey most people we talk to are so concerned about going to heaven, that they will be satisfied with that. Which i learn that fit we are going to put titles of people going would be the Muslims, Baptists, Methodists, Buddhist, Etc...... But, we know that there is more, we have divine potential to BECOME LIKE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. Some are scared to tell the world, IDK why??? Some of the best door approaches go something like this, "hey did u know that u can become a God one day just like ur heavenly father one day?" That usually gets them thinkin at least, even if they usually do call us cray cray. Anyway check out this great talk I found and maybe give y'all more confidence to share the doctrine concerning our divine potential. I invite u all to read this article from Brother Callister ********** **********

I did get my trunky papers this week, so that is nuts, but definitely a push to do better and get in all i can before i have to board the plane. Oh, the big thing that went on in the mission this week was that the Church turn on the area book app for the our iPads. For return missionaries this will make since, for others it won't.... but there are no more binder area books!! This past week and in the coming weeks we are imputing in all the information in da cloud :) Honestly the big thing I see from this new technology is that missionaries can't totally kill areas like they could in the past. Everything is transparent, everything we do, or don't do the ward council and our mission president can see. I have grown to love that aspect, making ALL THINGS TRANSPARENT. Definitely a life lesson I hope to keep my whole life, will keep u accountable just like this mission president says in his mormon message. I'll leave u with that!

Take care, Good Luck, God Bless, See Y'all Soon!!!
- Elder Cj Young

So we mowed a lawn this week and it was so long we had to get a members like professional mower, then keep up the guard and all the grass just hit me the whole time i cut it. The only way to help it not get cluogged. 

Life Point Round 2

This was definitly a testing time, mowing this lawn blew!!

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