Monday, July 27, 2015

Well, a great week has past :)

Wow, God is good, and this past week great! IDK what else to tell you all but that is just it, God's hand is still in the details of our lives and I can definitely tell that God is still gathering his elect. It is probably just me, but since I am finishing up I sometimes wonder, am i really going to find anyone solid before I go home?? Well just this past week, and especially Saturday, I know that the Lord is still moving his work forward to gather his elect. I don't have to many stories from this week, but honestly we didn't have to many "adventures" cause we were teaching tons, which i have no complaints about. One scenario I would like to tell u about is that of Saturday.

After we get done knocking doors for about 2 hours in this middle class community where people were less that open-minded and humble. We are sitting in a parking spot in the steeplechase apts (my favorite apartments in the area), and honestly i was just beat tired and so i was trying to get some ZZZZZZZ before we go knock some more. Well a uHaul van pulls up beside our car and I am like really, there is like 30 stalls and u pick next to me. But then she backs in and i dont think anything of it. We get out knock some doors and on our way back to go the car to go to life point the lady flags us down and asks for help moving. SHE IS THE BOMB. She is in the Army, just moving down here. Well after we finish helping her move she is like, let me take u out to dinner?? SO we are like, okay, but could u give us like 2 hours (so we can hit up our lifepoint service :) hahah)

Lifepoint this week was.......

We speed back to her apt. get in her moving uHaul van with her and she takes up to freaken Bonefish!!!! So if u don't know, Bonefish is life the nicest restaurant! So that was definitely a treat. But honestly the best part of it all was that she was just down to learn! Wasn't afraid to ask question, or bring up concerns, it was just a great series of events. All in all, we gave her a Book of Mormon (she says she is a big reader) and she said she would read it! We will be going back probably this week to follow-up after she gets up packed and all.

So, never underestimate God, even though we took a break sitting in the car to catch some ZZZZZ's I know God blessed us for being out and giving our all, So talk to everyone, We have the best message in the world!!!

Much Love, Seey Y'all Soon!!

- Elder Young

These pictures are from our foot golf tournament at our ward party last week.

Elder Lockhart and I road tripped :) 

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