Monday, March 30, 2015


Throwing up the Woods Cross Pride

Throwing up that Illuminati Jazz

My comp and I going hard in the Potomac

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First off its Easter This Week so watch this video. Then post it, tweet it, Pin it, or do what ever with it. Not as good as last years but hey, Its from the 1st Presidency so we do what they say.

Well march of 2015 is coming to a close. I just have to say how crazy fast time is flying. Before i know it i will be home, married, family, and dead :) so got to do everything i can now! Haha. All in all we have had a really fun week! Our past Monday was freakin awesome, i will just give a rundown of that to start off! we had a good chiropractor appointment. then we emailed. so really it started out as a normal p-day. well it hit like 12:30 and we don't know what we are going to do the rest of the day. so we decide to go up to this place called SHARK TOOTH BEACH. it was like 40 minutes away so we were a little hesitant but #yolo we did it. do we get up there and are taking these pictures. then this lady that is walking on the beach comes up to start talking to us. granted we are in our normal clothes, but i guess she still felt something out us. anyway, we chat, then she asks if we can sit down and tell her more. So we walk over to these benches. We went over so much; Book of Mormon, the afterlife, gospel of Jesus Christ, our divine potential, the atonement, one church, commandments, and even more. I feel like we taught all 5 lessons haha so after all that with a smile on her face after we just confounded her she ask us to come talk with her pastor. So we drive over to his house, that visit went well. After repeatedly asking him if he has read the book of Mormon, and him repeatedly list off every other book or anti book he is read i just had to finally lay it out. "Brother, with all do respect, this is black and white. The Book Of Mormon is either from God or the devil. U need to figure out cuz ur salvation is based on it." so yeah, something like that. Then the spill on u wouldn't go to Judas to learn Christianity..... We duh! If u want to know about something find a good source.

That concept also goes for everyone, especially members. A lot of the time members are some of the most judgmental people, like really? To many times we disregard something as false, or not important before we even begin to comprehend :) haha k side story. i remember sitting in church with my iPhone and every week hearing how bad they are, how i need to put it away, and how the church is never going to support them..... yeah..... definitely too quick to judge the Lords plan. so yeah, sorry that story was way longer than it need to be. but it was fun!

Back to the end that story. Fast forward two days when the sisters come in contact with that lady, she denied everything and wouldn't meet with them.... A real Christ Like pastor we can see that just bagged on us after we left, oh well. Sucks for them.

Oh and that day didn't even end there. We head home to teach the lady that was a referral from the family history center that i told u about last week. That went awesome, our member we picked was awesome! I love when members just do that great job! Ps, members when u go to a lesson with the missionaries, u are there to be that persons BFF! get there number set something up to hang out with them, do whatever!

Then after that we went to Applebees for Burger Night as always, then we had a lesson with one of the Recent convert/ Part-members/ Investigator families! So yeah, that day was the bomb. I didn't think it would take me this long to write about it but hey that was the best part of the week.

The week went downhill from there with sickness and appointments falling through but it was still fun as always to be a missionary. I hope that u all can enjoy General Conference this week. We watched parts of the Women Session on Saturday and it just got me stoked for this weekend! So hey, watch a little. it will bless u so much. i love u all and take care!

Much Love
-Elder Young
This Picture has my bestest friends :0 Rofl

This was a great experience. with these brothers!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Perks of Piling

Brothers and sister, this week has been the bomb! Haha we really have been very blessed this week in the Tappahannock area. To put it in throw back Woods Cross terms #soblessed haha So i sadly dont have much time this week so i will just tell u a pointless story as always :)

We are just kicking it in the family history center on Friday night. Finished all of our appointments for the day, so we were just doing some logistical stuff and getting the program ready for Larry Dandridge baptism. Many missionaries have that pride about them where they would call that pilling out.... But the big lesson i have learned in this area is missionary work comes in many forms (So thats where the title of this weeks post comes from). Even myself in the beginning of my mission was like that, had to be doing hard work all the time. But really, missionary work doesn't have to be hard. i'll be the first to admit that i have had to drop the ego lately, especially with my back and we have started doing a lot more planning, computer work, and logistical stuff. Whats cool is that it goes along with what our Mission President has been encouraging us to do.... SPIRITUAL CREATING events, lessons, and other things in our daily life! So, we are just kicking it In there when we get a call on the family history phone. Side note, if u ever call the family history phone in almost any church building, 95% of the time u will never get anything, not even an answering machine. Definitely a flaw of the church but its whateves. So that in it self was a miracle we were able to answer the phone. So i am there talking to this super nice lady on the phone from Arizona. i guess that her mom grew up here and was baptized 30 or so years ago here when she was 18. Well their family moved out west but she was calling To give us a sweet awesome referral! it was for a cousin that still lives here. So we have not meet her yet in person. Actually going over this evening, but we are excited! You just get that good feeling when u know the lord have paved the way for this person to receive the gospel.

I have to say that i am so grateful to see the hand of the Lord in the work. He is hard at work, in all walks of our life. I HOPE yall can see it! Have a great week! Much love! - Elder CJ Young

There pictures are from a place called Belles Island in Downtown Richmond. Its what we did last P-Day

Somewhere I Call home

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Different Week of Work

Whas up all yall!! Well we are coming off the most off the wall week of missionary work. Off the wall as in, kind of depressing how we didn't get to much time to teach or do much cause we were running all over Virginia.... Tuesday we went up to Wood Bridge for a doctors apt. Then Wednesday i had these nice little wrappings put on my toes (see picture).

So yeah, we were all over Virginia this week which made it loads of fun!!! Just a different week from a normal missionary week if u feel me? Also to add to that, we had a Mo Tab week. so we only listened to MO tab and let me just tell u it make things less than exciting. Granted i am not listening to my Rap and Hip-Hop to get pumped before i go into my lessons. But I do require something that brings a smile to my face before i teach someone about the freaken greatest, coolest thing ever! You feel me? So yeah, literally look forward to next week going HAM!

We still have our good friend L-A-R-R-Y D-Money Dandridge baptism coming up on March 24th. Its is Birthday so pray that we can put together a good program for him. We are super excited!

Anyways, I wanted to touch on some points I have learned this week and last:

1. The power of the Sacrament. I bear my testimony about the Sacrament a lot lately. Because its crazy, How can a little piece of bread and water give u strength. Well it does, end of that story. IT DOES!!

2. Just walking with Christ is not enough. Heck, the people that crucified Christ walked along side him.... WOOPDY DOO! It comes down to walking as Christ walked were we see our life become what we were put on this earth to be.

3. We are the Salt of the Earth. It has been an humbling experience for me to come to this conclusion. But my one purpose, and our one purpose as members of the Lord's Kingdom is to build it. That is our flavor, if we are not doing that we can chalk life up to being useless....

4. We build the kingdom in all different ways. But as the prophet has said. "the most important work we can ever do will be inside the walls of our own home." So truly building Christ centered homes is key, its everything, if we can't do that then shot. We are wasting some ink trying to put our names in the book of life :) haha i'm just playin bout that last part but take it or leave it.

I hope yall can have a awesome week, Be good, Have fun, and SMILE

Elder CJ Young

Please Excuse the Ratchet clothes I was wearing

I have had to fill out way to many of these

Hahah this kid is a Goober

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Tappahannock..... WARD!!!!!!

Dats what is up everybody! The Tappahnnock Branch was made into a Ward this week. And what could be more fitting, it was the last week we have Elder and Sister Van Orden leaving us. They are the senior couple that just has shredded up the place. It was also Ward conference so we had all of the stake leadership down here. The stake president talked about how that was the goal all along with the Van Ordens here...... And just goes to show u what goals can do! I just have to say that, that was the most exciting time of my life. Tots got the chills when they read that we are going to be now a ward. :) haha Then is our Sunday school class we had a stake leader go over DC section 26 about common consent. Common Consent is to sustain. We all raised our hand to sustain that the Tappahannock Branch should be made into a Ward...... That means that we ARE Covenanting not only to say "yeah, that's cool." But to go the extra step and do what needs to be done to help it flourish. Idk if that made since but i learned a good lesson out of it.

SO that was the high point of the week, But crazy to say there were also so great things that happened that almost to that!

So it snowed this week a little bit but that put a damper on our teaching appointments for some reason. Also the spanish missionaries have there car in the shop getting worked on so we drove them to a few of there appointments. :) that was fun because we just get to go in, sit and smile :) then they feed us food st the very end!! Let me just tell u that the salsa that the sweet little Spanish lady made was so so good.

K shot, I just realized that we have to run. i will add on lots of pictures and write yall a nice long one next week. Take care, have fun, and most important.... SMILE!

Love elder young

Kickin it on the mattress eating 

My cute comp getting our member

HAHAH this kid right after he got Dear John

Driving the Spanish in the snow

We have to trek into our house because the roads are not plowed

Selfie with these cuties

Sleeping on the floor cuz thats my life

Eating this dang good Pot Pie #homemade

Sorry that i look Chunky in this :(  

Coming back to Tappahannock on the bridge

Hanging out with these 5 Hod-lumes before our meeting :)

-----------------------------------------  Selfies on the Rid home ----------------------

-----------------------------Love these to two kids--------------------

Swinging on a rope in Downtown Elders Apartment

Call me the next Katy Perry #roar
 The Rest of them are us playing in the snow outside with a Recent Convert!