Monday, March 2, 2015


Well, we had another exciting week here in Tappahannock. We were able to witness the baptism of Christopher! We had a great turn out! We had 2 of our other investigators there, one of which is set for the 24 of this new month. The other we are still working with :) The title of this post comes off the fact that the water was freezing in the baptismal font apparently! Haha so right after the baptism, Chris came out of the water, and ran up the steps so so fast to change. So apparently this font and hot water heater is not equipped to be filled every week :\.... But for reals, how do they expect the church to grow when we don't even have usable baptismal fonts! Anyway, enough of me complaining. :) i thought i would include what Christopher's mom posted on the FB yesterday! Remember she is not a member.... Yet :) but we are grateful for the support she shows Chris!


"Christopher’s big day…
Yesterday was a big day for Christopher as he was baptized.

Christopher was excited when we entered the church. Initially he was worried his friend, William Dunn, would not be able to attend the baptism due to a prior commitment. I had continually told Christopher everything will work out as it was meant to be – he just had to have faith in that.

Christopher’s anxiety would soon lessen as he realized he would be reacquainted with many of the missionaries he had previously met. He became even more exuberant in anticipation as he recalled each missionaries’ superhero name – Capt America (Elder Hendstrom), Peter Parker (Elder Muller), David Banner (Elder Todd), Hawkeye (Elder Hopkins)…

Then, William entered the room. Christopher was pleasantly surprised as he realized William would be there. William spoke at the baptism concerning the meaning of this sacrament. He was amazing as he spoke to Christopher and the attendance listen to his message.

Elder Hendstrom sung with divine inspiration as the music filled the room - accompanied by Sister Van Orden.

The synergy between Sister Wagstaff and Sister Black was inspiring as they spoke during the Missionary Message. Both credited this synergy between them as the work of the Holy Father – and indeed the Holy Father was at work.

As I observed Christopher, I noticed how intensively he listened to President Dunn’s and Brother McDonald’s message. What each said continues to resonate within him.

When Christopher awoke this morning he spoke of the angel on his shoulder and the importance of continuing on this path. He is excited about turning twelve and become a part of the Aaronic Priesthood and some day going on his own mission.

Christopher is thankful for the help of Elder Crowley, Elder Young and others in preparing for his Testimonial - which was from his heart. The feeling of belonging and fulfillment he has experience since beginning this journey has been inspirational and empowering.

Our family would like to say thank you to everyone that attended in support of Christopher’s choice - to be baptize. It was very inspiring. We want to also thank those that participated in the baptism and helped set-up. Their efforts were greatly appreciated.

We would like to give a special recognition and thanks to Brother Jaynes and Elder Todd for conducting the opening and closing prayers.

Each of you plays a special role within our lives and this is truly a blessing.

Thank you….

Christopher also wants me to mention he is sorry he missed saying good-bye to Elder Hopkins he looked everywhere for him."


The rest of the week had its ups and downs. Ill just tell u the downer to get it out of the way.... Elder Harmer as u know got transferred and it was really depressing on Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday. We also had one of our really awesome members gone so it was a buzz kill on things. Literally felt like the party left Tappahannock. Good thing at least u dont worry about those things when we are teaching! We have been able to have lots of lessons this week! Like on the reals, we have been pretty blessed!

We have also had the greatest blessing ever!! So yall remember that dude i told u about that called us at the family history center some random day we were there? Well, anyways, we are still chatting with him. He calls us up this week on Tuesday and is like..... "yall have dinner?" and we were like nope.... And he was like, "I know, the spirit told me hahah go down to Lowerys and got u. I will pay for it over the phone. #bestfreakendayofmyliveever (oh side note, i lost my wallet for like this whole week. But did just find it a couple days ago). So that was totally great, but it doesn't stop there :o He tells us to call him what ever nights we dont have dinner, and he will hook us up. So we are like yeah, okay. lots of members say that but nothing more happens. Well look at the mans follow-up skills. He calls us every night to make sure wehave dinner. we did, but eventually on Friday he takes us out again! i would not be surprised if he was one of the 3 nephites. haha

Well i am so sorry that i have to run! I hope yall have a great week! God bless. Love you- Elder Young

PS I started to Cross-reference my patriarchal blessing. It is hard but I would recommend it! I will explain more next week! Enjoy the pictures!

Use working on the Mission Plan. Laminating it makes it look #trill

This is the epic Basketball group

HAHAH I love all these guys!
Elder Simkins, Pack-tron, Elder Harmer, Elder Young, Brother Jaynes, Jerrell (rapper), Presdient Dunn, and Elder Crowley

Elder Simkins and I looking Fresh to death

Selfie in long car rides

The greatest group of four elders ever in Tappahannock!

Can honestly say these are some of my best friends in the world!
The members made these after the Fireside

We got snow :) 

The Baptism yesterday!

HAHAH sleeping on the Air Mattress

Nice pic we took on some random road while driving

Gotta love reaping the Russian hat :) 

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