Monday, February 23, 2015

Fireside, Snow, Baptisms, Sledding

Well everyone. Another stellar week in the Tappahannock branch. We were able to put on that fireside last night and it was awesome. Great turn out, good messages, great spirit, little over on time :\ but going to get great results. Its about time the members and missionaries start heeding President Hinckley's council to work through the members. Not only are u doing missionary work by finding through the members, but also u are accomplishing another "fold" of the church: TO PERFECT THE SAINTS. So yeah, the fireside was great. Here is a copy of the ward mission plan we made up so u can see. Feel free to use it!

As for the rest of the week, it was great. Honestly we spent like 50 percent of our week planning and doing logistical work. The other 20% teaching and the rest just some practical good! We were able to go with the relief society president on Monday. We were just like her sidekicks. She is an awesome sister, but more importantly i learned more about the role of that calling! We were able to see a less-active family, and clean the house for a sister that just had a baby. So that was some good service provided there!

We had another two baptisms this past Saturday and the Confirmations again on Sunday. They were both great! We are planning for another one this week, so that will make at least one every week in February!! Talk about the Lord's work moving forth!

As for the fun we have had this week, there has been lots! We played around with some of our investigators on sleds, then got pulled behind a 4x4 on a kayak haha. Definitely making some good memories on the mission. Elder Harmer is leaving the Tappahannock area though which is really sad. Him and elder Simkins were probably suppose to stay here a while together but instead got in some car accidents and not neither can not drive hahah. Good stuff. But i will miss him!

We also had one last miracle I can tell yall about. So we are working with this great guy named Larry. He has come to church every week since we have been here but the first. Anyway We go into  the lesson with him on Wednesday, invite him to baptism..... AND AFTER ATTENDING  2 baptismal service the past two weeks. He exclaimed that he wants to get baptized on the 24th of March! Like he was stoked about it, hahah I wish I could do an impression of him over this email but it was great. All you can do is smile and great people making the right choice for true happiness. So that is what is going down, and its his birthday. SO talk about a party day!

I hope all your weeks are good. There is a good chance that we could be seeing the Tappahannock Branch we turned over to a ward on March 8th so please pray for it. They are just waiting in the paperwork from the SLC. So if anyone here has an in for that, please pipe into the ear of who ever is in charge of that!

Love u all! Have fun, Be Good!

- Elder CJ Young

More pics coming next week!

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