Monday, February 2, 2015

The Mormon Culture needs to stop A$VP

What up everyone :) I know that i said this last week but wow. I can't believe how fast this week has gone and really this year is going. Before I know it I will be home and have life altering choices to make. I just have to say that I am grateful for this chance that Gods gives all of us 18 year old kids to help ground ourselves and figure out what life is truly like.

This week has been great. We were able to start reteaching this great guy that the missionaries were teaching before they got shotgunned out. We finally got back in contact with him and are getting him baptized this Saturday so pray for brother Gaines. He is really remarkable guy.By far my favorite part about him is that he has so so so many friends. And he isn't going to be like most converts who drop all their friends when they get baptized because they think they will go to Hell if they talk to them. One of those Mormon culture things that i really dislike. So yeah, I love when people actually still have friends outside the church.

To go off that subject I feel like many sacraments that i have been in throughout the mission  have been great. But then u get some that are straight Mormon culture and I am just like do want people to leave the church? We need to be nourished by "the word of God", just some culture hipster junk. So yeah, nothing beats the word of god. i hope we can all make study of the word of God an everyday event. It will change the outlook on each day and keep us "ground."

Sorry this email is brief. i hope you liked the music. last week. Check it out if you haven't. hope you enjoy the pictures! Keep it real, and loving life :)

Love elder Young

New Ish I made

Great view of someones backyard we knocked into

Would kill to live here! #boatinglife

Cheesy but YOLO

Love this brother #werkhardforthetwerkteam

This is a freaking stupid picture.

Close up one church invites

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