Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wazzz up errbody! Another kick butt week in the tappahannock branch #soontobeward. Let me just say that the WHOLE chapel and overflow was packed with chairs. It was great! Granted there was a baby blessing which brought in lots of family, and also a confirmation. We had another baptism for a great brother this last Friday! It is just completely crazy how awesome the Lord is working with this area! The past like 6 baptisms here have all been great  brother preparing to receive the priesthood. All throughout the rest of my mission, the majority of peeps i have taught have been sistas. I guess normally they are the more humble, teachable, and care about their family. But its great to find
stalward brothern in this area answering God's call to come unto him!

So we have had some stake goals that we have been working on the past 3 or so weeks. It has involved us making sure getting members get out to  We have seen great blessing come from this. Realized one of the most important lessons In missionary work includes logistical. I'll be honest that we  haven't done much knocking of those wooden doors recently. But instead spent our time planning, planning, planning! We had a baptism to plan for, we are holding a fireside this coming week, and we are revamping the Ward Mission Plan.

So as a side note, please pray that the fireside on the 22nd goes well! Good turn out, good food, keep the time crunch, and smooth talks.

Also this week we have another three more baptisms this weekend. Well actually possibly 4.  One of which happens to be a young boy i found a year ago when i was here. :) dang nothing is
crazier to see the lords hand in this work. i am sure i came  back to Tappahannock for many reasons hopefully to fulfill some good stuff. The fireside that we are putting together goes off the idea, DOING THE LORD'S WORK, THE LORD'S WAY. I really that idea, of us having to humble ourselves, and realize that this work is 100% completely The lord's work. And we just have to decide (if we are already members). Are we going to be a "jack mormon", or a disciple of Christ? Simple questions, are we going to Go forward with a full head of steam. Or go about life half-assed. The parable of the 10 virgins teaches us, those that don't completely concercrate their lives to Christ, will sadly fall by the wayside. I know its easy for me to
say this while in missionary life :) but i hope and pray i can keep this drive, and desire my whole life. :)

love yall very much. Do what u gotta do, but be
good :) eldercjyoung

The Young Women in the branch Heart Attacked our house :) #Godbless

Best Valentines ever!!! Got more this Febuary 14th, than ever before! :0 

This is what we woke to this morning :) Winter Wonderland
Sleepy Selfie

Got some cookies and Heart on Valentines day #gotlovin

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