Monday, July 28, 2014


WAAAAHHHAAA! I am statying in the Swift Creek ward for at least SIX more weeks and I am soooo excited. Especially cuz we just had another great week. HAHA it flew by! Run down for the week;

- Happy Pioneer day. Saying that to people here we just got ratch looks. Oh well. They will get with the program someday :)
Reping double flag attire when playing basketball on Pioneer day! 

- This week we had a sweet lesson with one of the investigator we just found the week before. So stopped by to find him smoking outside..... now usually you dont teach the Word of Wisdom the 2nd lesson but we did. Spirit must of said something to us ;) But it was a solid lesson and he promised to continue to work toward his baptismal date

- Also something cool we just found of about this investigator. His step mom is a less-active member of the church that we don't have on her records :0 it turn that u can't hid from the church cuz it will find you! :0

- Cut a nice mans lawn with a weed eater.... cuz lets be real. Most of the yards out here are weeds!

Got these nice pants after i ripped my Suit pants. I cant tell if I like the Cuff. I do like the Clothes Brand Elwood

- So cool story. We have been teaching this cousin of the two kdis we just baptized and first she was all against church, and totally against baptizing her kid when he turns 8. Well they have gone to two baptism in the past week and BAMM!!!!! the kid want to get tized on his birthday!!!! Dang, I love this area!  

- We taught a sweet lesson the a recent convert's mom who has been totally anti. In the last the other missionaries went in guns blazing and ready to RIP her haha. But our first lesson with her yesterday I would say went really well. Its turn what they say in the District, The more u care, the easier it gets :) 

- Learned a nice lesson in church yesterday. The speaker talked about how the lord is going to let us do everything we can! And then "kick-in", He talked about how some people just want blessing to be healed and dont go to the doctor or do the things the doctor say to be healed. pretty much the doctors and technology we have now. God gave us and are inspired to help us. SO USE THEM! 

- Um last, so remember that sweet family we found like a month ago. Well probably not cuz I have told you all about lots of those. Anyways, we went to there house, saw one member of the family pulling out of the drive-way and he said others are inside. So we go knock on the door and....... well they tots ignored us! UGHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, i am at the same address another transfer so sent letters my way. love u all!
- Elder CJ Young

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hey everyone. K just being real, but this past week has been super long. Not because it has been slow but just so much has gone on and we were able to accomplish SO MUCH! SO big things this week;
Elder Taylor and I in out Cat dew

Going to miss this man. See u in Dallas

Haha the pride of this religons pastor.....

Selfie :)

- Demarco and Santana both got Baptized yesterday! Love these two kids to death and was honored to be able to know them! (i will get pics of all of us soon)
Demarco and Santana Brother John hahah

- I got to go on Fort Lee this week while I was on exchanges with Elder Strung. Fort lee is the Military base down the street. I was with elder Struning! It was sweet!
Fun exchanges with these CATzz

Love me some german

- Mowed in lawn in my dress clothes #lifeofamissionary

- Wanted to mention a little about the  Riding OUR garments of there blood. That is what I feel like am doing out here on the mission. Because I have been blessed by being a member in the church and able to see so many miracles, God has given me the responsibility to find and bring back his children to him. Now i can't make his children come back to him.... But I have to make sure I do my part so I can say I did my best and will not have any regrets. IDK if that makes since but its cool to think about!

- Went on exchanges with the Aps this week. Elder Collie (the BYU football player) and I taught some great lessons and set 4 people on date to be baptized. Learned a lot from him but main points. Be chill, Be yourself, and SMILE!

- Last I wanted to share a little memory I had With Matt Palmer. As many of you know that he passed away on his mission a few weeks ago. When I found out, I could not believe it! But even more crazy was when I was with some members a few night ago and we were talking about our favorite lessons that we were taught in seminary. And the wife mentioned her favorite was the one you do with Donuts, Push-Ups, and the Atonement of Christ. And it HIT ME. Last time I did that in seminary. Matt was the one that "suffered" for everyone in my class so we could get a doughnut. Even those that didn't want to make him work.... he did the push-ups for them because that is how it works. Not comparing Matt to the savior, but That hit me so hard that both are now dead, but LIVE AGAIN! We all live again so live life, be nice, have fun, and smile

Love Elder Young

Monday, July 14, 2014

The iPads are coming, the iPads are coming!!

What a great week I have had being a missionary. Maybe I love being a missionary cuz; i get to meet soooo many great people, see peoples life change before my eyes, sleep in a house with 3 other guys :0 and just do some great activities! This morning we woke up and hit the trails mountain biking in Pocahontas State Park. This had so really solid technical trails there. Good "hill" riding :0 for Virginia haha. I love it here! Other cool stories from this week:

- We have a baptism coming up this week for Demarco and Santana. Two great kids that are just waiting and wanting to get tized! There family is soooooo GREAT!

- We helped move the Cappelli family out of the ward this week. Sure will miss them :) #greatfam

Great Guy! We all looked up to you!!

- Sweet lesson learned this week! We were teaching a recent convert. An older gentle man and he is a talker :) but we get done with the nice long lesson and are about to leave when we ask him if we can help him out with anything. He tells us how he had the idea to put up some bamboo blinds that he recently got. So as we are putting them up his friend walks in and to make a long story short...... We watched the Restoration video and set him on date to be baptized #yolo. So moral of the story..... Service brings great opportunities! 

- One of the investigators that we have been working with recently once everyweek to clean up a local pool; yesterday took us in his house to show us his taxidermy "lab". hahaha I don't know what u call the room but it was so sweet! I will most defintily take some pictures next time to put up. he had fishes, dears, birds, and was currently working on a duck that we got to watch. Again.... an experience worth remembering :)

- Just found out today that the Spanish family that i found and taught a little that moved to Louisiana got baptized this past week!!!!! Four more people I will be in the CK with :) always a good thing

So that was the majority of the week. Hopefully I can get some Moutain Biking pictures up here soon of what we played around on. But until then, enjoy this video of me. I am so excited to do this again when i get back :) 

Love u all, and please write me :) PLEASE!!!!


Monday, July 7, 2014

Light'em up, up up. #4th

What a great week. I hope that all of you had a great 4th of July. The holiday kind of threw off our teach schedule because everyone wanted to party instead of be taught by the missionaries. But really, who can blame them! So, we join in with them and had so great get togethers :) hahah I feel like I have ate so much food this past week that I am going to paglaglag sa CR :) 

This weeks email is going to be short and sweet agian :0 but Just wanted to give a shout out to the BUIS and CAPPELLI families in the Swift Creek Ward. Both are super strong families that the lord has told them they need to be other places! They are a great testimony builder for me. 

I realized another great thing this week. While visiting with the investigaors, Recent Converts, and Less active members I realized that my life would have not been complete if I would have never meet these people. All of these people have made me a better person and could not imagine life without them. They were placed in my path to help me be a better person and so I could help them see the light of the gospel that can not be HIDE. 

Well love you all and take care :) 

- Elder CJ Young



HAPPY JULY 4th!!!!

Fire works in my hand

"So light 'em up, up, up. Light 'em up, up, up. Light 'em up, up, up. I'm on fire"

Fireworks are just colorful money getting blow 

Hello from Colonial Heights Virginia

New game to calm down at night