Monday, July 21, 2014


Hey everyone. K just being real, but this past week has been super long. Not because it has been slow but just so much has gone on and we were able to accomplish SO MUCH! SO big things this week;
Elder Taylor and I in out Cat dew

Going to miss this man. See u in Dallas

Haha the pride of this religons pastor.....

Selfie :)

- Demarco and Santana both got Baptized yesterday! Love these two kids to death and was honored to be able to know them! (i will get pics of all of us soon)
Demarco and Santana Brother John hahah

- I got to go on Fort Lee this week while I was on exchanges with Elder Strung. Fort lee is the Military base down the street. I was with elder Struning! It was sweet!
Fun exchanges with these CATzz

Love me some german

- Mowed in lawn in my dress clothes #lifeofamissionary

- Wanted to mention a little about the  Riding OUR garments of there blood. That is what I feel like am doing out here on the mission. Because I have been blessed by being a member in the church and able to see so many miracles, God has given me the responsibility to find and bring back his children to him. Now i can't make his children come back to him.... But I have to make sure I do my part so I can say I did my best and will not have any regrets. IDK if that makes since but its cool to think about!

- Went on exchanges with the Aps this week. Elder Collie (the BYU football player) and I taught some great lessons and set 4 people on date to be baptized. Learned a lot from him but main points. Be chill, Be yourself, and SMILE!

- Last I wanted to share a little memory I had With Matt Palmer. As many of you know that he passed away on his mission a few weeks ago. When I found out, I could not believe it! But even more crazy was when I was with some members a few night ago and we were talking about our favorite lessons that we were taught in seminary. And the wife mentioned her favorite was the one you do with Donuts, Push-Ups, and the Atonement of Christ. And it HIT ME. Last time I did that in seminary. Matt was the one that "suffered" for everyone in my class so we could get a doughnut. Even those that didn't want to make him work.... he did the push-ups for them because that is how it works. Not comparing Matt to the savior, but That hit me so hard that both are now dead, but LIVE AGAIN! We all live again so live life, be nice, have fun, and smile

Love Elder Young

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