Monday, July 28, 2014


WAAAAHHHAAA! I am statying in the Swift Creek ward for at least SIX more weeks and I am soooo excited. Especially cuz we just had another great week. HAHA it flew by! Run down for the week;

- Happy Pioneer day. Saying that to people here we just got ratch looks. Oh well. They will get with the program someday :)
Reping double flag attire when playing basketball on Pioneer day! 

- This week we had a sweet lesson with one of the investigator we just found the week before. So stopped by to find him smoking outside..... now usually you dont teach the Word of Wisdom the 2nd lesson but we did. Spirit must of said something to us ;) But it was a solid lesson and he promised to continue to work toward his baptismal date

- Also something cool we just found of about this investigator. His step mom is a less-active member of the church that we don't have on her records :0 it turn that u can't hid from the church cuz it will find you! :0

- Cut a nice mans lawn with a weed eater.... cuz lets be real. Most of the yards out here are weeds!

Got these nice pants after i ripped my Suit pants. I cant tell if I like the Cuff. I do like the Clothes Brand Elwood

- So cool story. We have been teaching this cousin of the two kdis we just baptized and first she was all against church, and totally against baptizing her kid when he turns 8. Well they have gone to two baptism in the past week and BAMM!!!!! the kid want to get tized on his birthday!!!! Dang, I love this area!  

- We taught a sweet lesson the a recent convert's mom who has been totally anti. In the last the other missionaries went in guns blazing and ready to RIP her haha. But our first lesson with her yesterday I would say went really well. Its turn what they say in the District, The more u care, the easier it gets :) 

- Learned a nice lesson in church yesterday. The speaker talked about how the lord is going to let us do everything we can! And then "kick-in", He talked about how some people just want blessing to be healed and dont go to the doctor or do the things the doctor say to be healed. pretty much the doctors and technology we have now. God gave us and are inspired to help us. SO USE THEM! 

- Um last, so remember that sweet family we found like a month ago. Well probably not cuz I have told you all about lots of those. Anyways, we went to there house, saw one member of the family pulling out of the drive-way and he said others are inside. So we go knock on the door and....... well they tots ignored us! UGHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, i am at the same address another transfer so sent letters my way. love u all!
- Elder CJ Young

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