Monday, March 31, 2014

Swift Creek Swag :0

What is up errrrrbody. Coming to you live from the Colonial Heights area just south of Richmond, Virginia. And boy am I so happy to be here. I am I am. What is called the Swift Creek Ward, this is an amazing area. Getting here and looking through the area book. The best of the best missionaries have served here. I have some big shoes to fill, so I hope that I can Arise to the challenge :) 

So far since being here I have meet some amazing people!! Already have changed my life. There is one in particular that I would like to tell you about. Me and my comp got shot gunned into this area, so we are both brand new to the area. We are going through the area book on Wednesday trying to find out how we can best help this area. When, we get a call saying a less active member is outside the church and looks very distressed. Well, we get headed right over! This man we meet at the church was stressed, and in need of help. He told us his story, we had a Super Spiritual lesson with him. At the end of the lesson he gets a call, offering him a job and a house to stay at. It was a ward member, actually a recent convert, that felt impressed to talk to him. 

The best of all, he got up on Sunday to bear his testimony. It was a complete turn around. He talked about the brotherhood he felt and the blessing he has received from God this past week. And I have to completely agree with him, my favorite thing about this Church is the family of 15 million I have to rely on and the friendships I make everyday serving. I love this mission and I love all of  you! 

I hope you all get a chance to watch this upcoming General Conference. Watch it on if you can and I know you will receive blessings! I love you all and plz feel free to send many letters and packages my way :) 

- Elder Chandler I luf u Young

Ps I have some great pics but am on an iPad. I will get them up soon :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Kamusta Ako si Elder Young

Yep I am still keeping up on my Hiligaynon, I will tell u why later. But I have to start off and say how much I love all of you so much. Your many prayers and letters mean the world to me. Keep it up :)
I did get the call this past Saturday and I am getting transferred :( I Have only been in Tappahannock for 6 weeks and boi they flew by! This is such a great town and can't wait to come visit in 18 months :0 I have meet some of the greatest people here, wouldn't change coming here for anything. I don't know where my new area is but I am excited to see what is in story :)
Well I had an amazing miracle/experience this week. My  companion mentioned to me one time he tracked into a Family from the Philippines so I am like, OH HECK YEAH, lets get over there :) so we went over. They were hesitant to let us in at first but after I was able to talk to them a little and they felt more comfortable. I got to share a little about how I know so much about the Philippines. It was so awesome! They even made us some Philippine food while we were there. They however do not speak Hiligaynon, but I still could understand them. The Gift of Tongues is real! Man, it was sooooo amazing to have that experience. Another reason I know I was suppose to go through all that I did to make it here. Worth it!
Well sorry this is a short email. but I hope and pray you are all having a fun time in your life right now, God gave us this life to have joy, so get out and LIVE IT.
Great man named bro. Lewis. Always enjoyed visiting him!

This is Jerrel. He is the SWEET recent convert that wrote all the NICE music. Download and buy his stuff when you see it!!!!

This was a "forest" that we walked through, a man carved all these little faces :) bless his heart

Love elder Young 

Monday, March 17, 2014

High Life

Well, it is another Monday in the mission field, and that means another awesome week has passed by :) haha nothing much to say, just another solid week, and with all your prays we found many new investigators

This weeks message is all about music. Music has changed my life and i have been blessed enough to meet so many great artists since being out. I just want to throw a link in here of where you can download there music from. - this is an investigator i had in my last area. He was sweet. not to much "clean" stuff but definitly some good rhyms - This is a recent convert in my new area. He is so sweet. He got baptized a couple months ago and if you notice the past 6 songs have been stories about "his new life" he is sweet. I do have to say Lucifier is one of my favorites!

Music can have such a big impact on people. Music had made me into who I am today and I love it. Even though I have had to change my music preferernce around a bit, Music is still my Lyfe!

Transfer calls are this week so if you are going to send a letter, probably do it today or tomorrow :)
So I do have tons of pictures this week so i hope that you enjoy :)

Hunting Tower

Throw it up :0


What studs. HAHAHAHAH

Hahaha greatest experience ever



This area is one in a million

The Rappahannock River is sweet

HAHAHA #selfie with da river

Being a missionary #neverbeenbetter #hoodscross2013

A very nice rainbow after the storm :)

Thats how we dew

"Rise to the Top of the World" -Imagine Dragons

Enjoy the Journey

"Don't forget to look up"

Ahhhh YEAH! Kodak moment that!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Some Random Pictures

Tappahannock Shoreline

                                                                   We need one with an "S

It looks like daytime????????

                                 Tappahannock area

Sweet Sunset

My Snow Angel

1st Quarter Almost Over

Well everyone, i am into the "last few seconds" of the 1st quarter of my mission :0 and boy has it been a fun time. hahah not what I expected at all, but having fun learning all these new things. :) Would not change the experiences I have had these past few months for anything! I especially love all the awesome people I am meeting!

This is a nice rope swing in our back yard :( hahaha fml cuz i cant hang on :(

Well this week has been super awesome! I have been able to have two of probably the most spiritual lessons I have had since being one the mission this past week.
- The First was with 2 of the investigators that we found the l st week. We went back to teach them and it was awesome. They recently had a family member die and we were able to provide so much comfort. In the end my companion asked them if they wanted to be baptized. Honestly the spirit was so strong they couldn't say no :) but then a date came into my head and I asked them if that is the date they want to shoot for and they said sounds perfect, I honestly didn't even know if it was a Saturday but it turns out it is. That date truly was inspired!
- The next one we had was the very next day! We were just tracking, walking up some super long drive ways and the first house we knock on the lady comes out..... to say we could come in :) So we have a nice chat with her and her friend. Share a super powerful message about Christ restored church is back on the earth and how we can each live to our full potential through it. At the end of the lesson they begin to cry and we were like wow this is crazy. They go on to tell us how this friend of hers has recently been diagnosed with cancer and how thew felt we were sent there to help them and share this message with them. I feel so blessed for this chance that I have to be on this mission and touch so many lives. We are going back this week to see what else we can do and hopefully bring even more peace :)
Big things that I learned from this week are: THE MESSAGE OF THE RESTORED GOSPEL BRINGS HOPE. I love sharing a message that can relate to everyone. And everyone can truly feel in there hearts.
Also had even more awesome tracking experiences. We gave out probably 20 BOM so plz pray for us this week as we follow-up with these people that they will of had a good experience. :)
I would like to end with this quote from President Utchdorf talking about President Monson.

"Focuses on the one, has the heart for the world"

As missionaries, we can get so caught up on so many things to do. And I was thinking how did Christ love everyone SO much but still spend quality time with someone. And this quote explained it to me :)
Well Love you all soooo much! I hope and pray you all have a good week :) write me if you have time but if not.... :( hahahah
Love, Elder Young

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Throwback - Love

Hello everybody, sorry I am writing this blog update a day late, we got pounded with snow yesterday.... well pounded here means 4 inches haha. but we have had such a great week, can't wait to tell you more!
I do want to mention something I started this week. I started to read my journal from the beginning of my mission, just for fun. But I have to say again how grateful I was for everyone that had an impact on me the first 2 months of my mission especially! And, especially all my sisters from the MTC. I definitely would not be doing so good out here if it wasn't for you guys!
I did go on exchanges this week up to Mechanicsville and boy was it different. haha we tracked around for a solid 3 hours and no one even talked with us. It was sad :( one guy when i asked how he was doing said "good till i saw you" and i was like..... Oh heck no! but yeah, i am so grateful to me in Tappahannock where the people are so nice :) I love nice people :)
With that we have found 12 new investigators this past week so yolo. hahah This work is so easy when you actually WORK!
Well for some reason this computer won't let me upload any pictures and I don't like this keyboard so I am going to end this weeks email :( but here is a sweet quote i found from President Benson, hope you like it, and apply it :)

Some men are willing to die for heir faith, but are not willing to FULLY live it.....

But I love you all so much. your prays really have helped and.... well lets just say Tappahannock is going to be made a ward soon :) haha don't be afraid to send me letters and stuff :) love you and take care :)
- Elder Young