Monday, March 24, 2014

Kamusta Ako si Elder Young

Yep I am still keeping up on my Hiligaynon, I will tell u why later. But I have to start off and say how much I love all of you so much. Your many prayers and letters mean the world to me. Keep it up :)
I did get the call this past Saturday and I am getting transferred :( I Have only been in Tappahannock for 6 weeks and boi they flew by! This is such a great town and can't wait to come visit in 18 months :0 I have meet some of the greatest people here, wouldn't change coming here for anything. I don't know where my new area is but I am excited to see what is in story :)
Well I had an amazing miracle/experience this week. My  companion mentioned to me one time he tracked into a Family from the Philippines so I am like, OH HECK YEAH, lets get over there :) so we went over. They were hesitant to let us in at first but after I was able to talk to them a little and they felt more comfortable. I got to share a little about how I know so much about the Philippines. It was so awesome! They even made us some Philippine food while we were there. They however do not speak Hiligaynon, but I still could understand them. The Gift of Tongues is real! Man, it was sooooo amazing to have that experience. Another reason I know I was suppose to go through all that I did to make it here. Worth it!
Well sorry this is a short email. but I hope and pray you are all having a fun time in your life right now, God gave us this life to have joy, so get out and LIVE IT.
Great man named bro. Lewis. Always enjoyed visiting him!

This is Jerrel. He is the SWEET recent convert that wrote all the NICE music. Download and buy his stuff when you see it!!!!

This was a "forest" that we walked through, a man carved all these little faces :) bless his heart

Love elder Young 

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