Monday, March 17, 2014

High Life

Well, it is another Monday in the mission field, and that means another awesome week has passed by :) haha nothing much to say, just another solid week, and with all your prays we found many new investigators

This weeks message is all about music. Music has changed my life and i have been blessed enough to meet so many great artists since being out. I just want to throw a link in here of where you can download there music from. - this is an investigator i had in my last area. He was sweet. not to much "clean" stuff but definitly some good rhyms - This is a recent convert in my new area. He is so sweet. He got baptized a couple months ago and if you notice the past 6 songs have been stories about "his new life" he is sweet. I do have to say Lucifier is one of my favorites!

Music can have such a big impact on people. Music had made me into who I am today and I love it. Even though I have had to change my music preferernce around a bit, Music is still my Lyfe!

Transfer calls are this week so if you are going to send a letter, probably do it today or tomorrow :)
So I do have tons of pictures this week so i hope that you enjoy :)

Hunting Tower

Throw it up :0


What studs. HAHAHAHAH

Hahaha greatest experience ever



This area is one in a million

The Rappahannock River is sweet

HAHAHA #selfie with da river

Being a missionary #neverbeenbetter #hoodscross2013

A very nice rainbow after the storm :)

Thats how we dew

"Rise to the Top of the World" -Imagine Dragons

Enjoy the Journey

"Don't forget to look up"

Ahhhh YEAH! Kodak moment that!

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