Monday, March 31, 2014

Swift Creek Swag :0

What is up errrrrbody. Coming to you live from the Colonial Heights area just south of Richmond, Virginia. And boy am I so happy to be here. I am I am. What is called the Swift Creek Ward, this is an amazing area. Getting here and looking through the area book. The best of the best missionaries have served here. I have some big shoes to fill, so I hope that I can Arise to the challenge :) 

So far since being here I have meet some amazing people!! Already have changed my life. There is one in particular that I would like to tell you about. Me and my comp got shot gunned into this area, so we are both brand new to the area. We are going through the area book on Wednesday trying to find out how we can best help this area. When, we get a call saying a less active member is outside the church and looks very distressed. Well, we get headed right over! This man we meet at the church was stressed, and in need of help. He told us his story, we had a Super Spiritual lesson with him. At the end of the lesson he gets a call, offering him a job and a house to stay at. It was a ward member, actually a recent convert, that felt impressed to talk to him. 

The best of all, he got up on Sunday to bear his testimony. It was a complete turn around. He talked about the brotherhood he felt and the blessing he has received from God this past week. And I have to completely agree with him, my favorite thing about this Church is the family of 15 million I have to rely on and the friendships I make everyday serving. I love this mission and I love all of  you! 

I hope you all get a chance to watch this upcoming General Conference. Watch it on if you can and I know you will receive blessings! I love you all and plz feel free to send many letters and packages my way :) 

- Elder Chandler I luf u Young

Ps I have some great pics but am on an iPad. I will get them up soon :)

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