Monday, February 23, 2015

Fireside, Snow, Baptisms, Sledding

Well everyone. Another stellar week in the Tappahannock branch. We were able to put on that fireside last night and it was awesome. Great turn out, good messages, great spirit, little over on time :\ but going to get great results. Its about time the members and missionaries start heeding President Hinckley's council to work through the members. Not only are u doing missionary work by finding through the members, but also u are accomplishing another "fold" of the church: TO PERFECT THE SAINTS. So yeah, the fireside was great. Here is a copy of the ward mission plan we made up so u can see. Feel free to use it!

As for the rest of the week, it was great. Honestly we spent like 50 percent of our week planning and doing logistical work. The other 20% teaching and the rest just some practical good! We were able to go with the relief society president on Monday. We were just like her sidekicks. She is an awesome sister, but more importantly i learned more about the role of that calling! We were able to see a less-active family, and clean the house for a sister that just had a baby. So that was some good service provided there!

We had another two baptisms this past Saturday and the Confirmations again on Sunday. They were both great! We are planning for another one this week, so that will make at least one every week in February!! Talk about the Lord's work moving forth!

As for the fun we have had this week, there has been lots! We played around with some of our investigators on sleds, then got pulled behind a 4x4 on a kayak haha. Definitely making some good memories on the mission. Elder Harmer is leaving the Tappahannock area though which is really sad. Him and elder Simkins were probably suppose to stay here a while together but instead got in some car accidents and not neither can not drive hahah. Good stuff. But i will miss him!

We also had one last miracle I can tell yall about. So we are working with this great guy named Larry. He has come to church every week since we have been here but the first. Anyway We go into  the lesson with him on Wednesday, invite him to baptism..... AND AFTER ATTENDING  2 baptismal service the past two weeks. He exclaimed that he wants to get baptized on the 24th of March! Like he was stoked about it, hahah I wish I could do an impression of him over this email but it was great. All you can do is smile and great people making the right choice for true happiness. So that is what is going down, and its his birthday. SO talk about a party day!

I hope all your weeks are good. There is a good chance that we could be seeing the Tappahannock Branch we turned over to a ward on March 8th so please pray for it. They are just waiting in the paperwork from the SLC. So if anyone here has an in for that, please pipe into the ear of who ever is in charge of that!

Love u all! Have fun, Be Good!

- Elder CJ Young

More pics coming next week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wazzz up errbody! Another kick butt week in the tappahannock branch #soontobeward. Let me just say that the WHOLE chapel and overflow was packed with chairs. It was great! Granted there was a baby blessing which brought in lots of family, and also a confirmation. We had another baptism for a great brother this last Friday! It is just completely crazy how awesome the Lord is working with this area! The past like 6 baptisms here have all been great  brother preparing to receive the priesthood. All throughout the rest of my mission, the majority of peeps i have taught have been sistas. I guess normally they are the more humble, teachable, and care about their family. But its great to find
stalward brothern in this area answering God's call to come unto him!

So we have had some stake goals that we have been working on the past 3 or so weeks. It has involved us making sure getting members get out to  We have seen great blessing come from this. Realized one of the most important lessons In missionary work includes logistical. I'll be honest that we  haven't done much knocking of those wooden doors recently. But instead spent our time planning, planning, planning! We had a baptism to plan for, we are holding a fireside this coming week, and we are revamping the Ward Mission Plan.

So as a side note, please pray that the fireside on the 22nd goes well! Good turn out, good food, keep the time crunch, and smooth talks.

Also this week we have another three more baptisms this weekend. Well actually possibly 4.  One of which happens to be a young boy i found a year ago when i was here. :) dang nothing is
crazier to see the lords hand in this work. i am sure i came  back to Tappahannock for many reasons hopefully to fulfill some good stuff. The fireside that we are putting together goes off the idea, DOING THE LORD'S WORK, THE LORD'S WAY. I really that idea, of us having to humble ourselves, and realize that this work is 100% completely The lord's work. And we just have to decide (if we are already members). Are we going to be a "jack mormon", or a disciple of Christ? Simple questions, are we going to Go forward with a full head of steam. Or go about life half-assed. The parable of the 10 virgins teaches us, those that don't completely concercrate their lives to Christ, will sadly fall by the wayside. I know its easy for me to
say this while in missionary life :) but i hope and pray i can keep this drive, and desire my whole life. :)

love yall very much. Do what u gotta do, but be
good :) eldercjyoung

The Young Women in the branch Heart Attacked our house :) #Godbless

Best Valentines ever!!! Got more this Febuary 14th, than ever before! :0 

This is what we woke to this morning :) Winter Wonderland
Sleepy Selfie

Got some cookies and Heart on Valentines day #gotlovin

Monday, February 9, 2015

Too much Fun with a Baptism

This week was rad!!! Definitely one of the best weeks in the mission as far as funness :) Hahah as I am sure u can tell with all the pictures we have been going hard. With all that fun, i will say we had TONS of great lessons and even a baptism. Goes to show that we need to have fun along the journey so we can accomplish what the Lord's needs.

We were able to have two wonderful souls come into the fold of God! We just had one service for both of them, but it was a great  service. Good turn out, good refreshments, and a great musical number provided by the Spanish elders in the branch. Following the two baptisms, they taught the  restoration up to the apostasy. They followed it by one strumming the guitar, while the other sang JOSEPH SMITH'S FIRST PRAYER. It was solid! The rest of  the week we spent lots of time planning that baptism, lots goes into a good baptismal service.

Which bring me a lesson that I realized during church yesterday. As i looked back on my life, i was the one that liked doing things the most efficient way. As in the most easy, simple, and best outcome. While that has  worked great for me my whole life. One of the most important life lessons i learned yesterday; There are no short cuts regarding spiritual things. Probably why it took me 19 years to gain a true testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ :) But now I realize that the Hard work that we put into spiritual things get repaid ten fold.

Haha i was laughing at myself this past week while we were in a zone meeting. We watched ourselves teaching "investigators" that they recorded on a iPad.  And i giggle at how funny it looks for me sitting in a lesson teaching, testifying, and inviting people to come nearer  to their Savior. I guess i just never imagined myself doing it, but its crazy to see the Lord direct my path. i know there is no short cuts to heaven, nor are there to exaltation. We have to suck it up at the hard times and don't suck in the glorious times. I hope we all can realize this, and put in the  work to become like our Heavenly Father!

Much love, good luck, God bless!

- Elder Young,


"Chillin with my mac millin"

Sad Slim Jim

Four of the fliest kids rooming the streets of tappy town

Sharing Lemonade shows the unity we all need to have

HAHa this goober is J-Ferg

The shop we do work it 

The Spirit was definitely here Saturday night

Sorry for the smiles in all of these, we are trying to get better ones

Missionaries with Craig

Travel Time

Nothing beats singing in the Car

J-Rock Swaggen with elder harmer

Slim Jim Simkins posting up 4 da bomb

After Party drive home

I love playing pool :) 

Roasting the Goods 

I thought these next 4 were really cool so yeah, yeah. 

Cut elder Simkins Hair

Great place to eat food

So tired and cold :/ 

Good food at apples Bees from our great Server! #jrock

The Rest of these were all at Jumpology so yeah.