Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Throwback - Love

Hello everybody, sorry I am writing this blog update a day late, we got pounded with snow yesterday.... well pounded here means 4 inches haha. but we have had such a great week, can't wait to tell you more!
I do want to mention something I started this week. I started to read my journal from the beginning of my mission, just for fun. But I have to say again how grateful I was for everyone that had an impact on me the first 2 months of my mission especially! And, especially all my sisters from the MTC. I definitely would not be doing so good out here if it wasn't for you guys!
I did go on exchanges this week up to Mechanicsville and boy was it different. haha we tracked around for a solid 3 hours and no one even talked with us. It was sad :( one guy when i asked how he was doing said "good till i saw you" and i was like..... Oh heck no! but yeah, i am so grateful to me in Tappahannock where the people are so nice :) I love nice people :)
With that we have found 12 new investigators this past week so yolo. hahah This work is so easy when you actually WORK!
Well for some reason this computer won't let me upload any pictures and I don't like this keyboard so I am going to end this weeks email :( but here is a sweet quote i found from President Benson, hope you like it, and apply it :)

Some men are willing to die for heir faith, but are not willing to FULLY live it.....

But I love you all so much. your prays really have helped and.... well lets just say Tappahannock is going to be made a ward soon :) haha don't be afraid to send me letters and stuff :) love you and take care :)
- Elder Young

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