Monday, July 14, 2014

The iPads are coming, the iPads are coming!!

What a great week I have had being a missionary. Maybe I love being a missionary cuz; i get to meet soooo many great people, see peoples life change before my eyes, sleep in a house with 3 other guys :0 and just do some great activities! This morning we woke up and hit the trails mountain biking in Pocahontas State Park. This had so really solid technical trails there. Good "hill" riding :0 for Virginia haha. I love it here! Other cool stories from this week:

- We have a baptism coming up this week for Demarco and Santana. Two great kids that are just waiting and wanting to get tized! There family is soooooo GREAT!

- We helped move the Cappelli family out of the ward this week. Sure will miss them :) #greatfam

Great Guy! We all looked up to you!!

- Sweet lesson learned this week! We were teaching a recent convert. An older gentle man and he is a talker :) but we get done with the nice long lesson and are about to leave when we ask him if we can help him out with anything. He tells us how he had the idea to put up some bamboo blinds that he recently got. So as we are putting them up his friend walks in and to make a long story short...... We watched the Restoration video and set him on date to be baptized #yolo. So moral of the story..... Service brings great opportunities! 

- One of the investigators that we have been working with recently once everyweek to clean up a local pool; yesterday took us in his house to show us his taxidermy "lab". hahaha I don't know what u call the room but it was so sweet! I will most defintily take some pictures next time to put up. he had fishes, dears, birds, and was currently working on a duck that we got to watch. Again.... an experience worth remembering :)

- Just found out today that the Spanish family that i found and taught a little that moved to Louisiana got baptized this past week!!!!! Four more people I will be in the CK with :) always a good thing

So that was the majority of the week. Hopefully I can get some Moutain Biking pictures up here soon of what we played around on. But until then, enjoy this video of me. I am so excited to do this again when i get back :) 

Love u all, and please write me :) PLEASE!!!!


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