Monday, March 16, 2015

A Different Week of Work

Whas up all yall!! Well we are coming off the most off the wall week of missionary work. Off the wall as in, kind of depressing how we didn't get to much time to teach or do much cause we were running all over Virginia.... Tuesday we went up to Wood Bridge for a doctors apt. Then Wednesday i had these nice little wrappings put on my toes (see picture).

So yeah, we were all over Virginia this week which made it loads of fun!!! Just a different week from a normal missionary week if u feel me? Also to add to that, we had a Mo Tab week. so we only listened to MO tab and let me just tell u it make things less than exciting. Granted i am not listening to my Rap and Hip-Hop to get pumped before i go into my lessons. But I do require something that brings a smile to my face before i teach someone about the freaken greatest, coolest thing ever! You feel me? So yeah, literally look forward to next week going HAM!

We still have our good friend L-A-R-R-Y D-Money Dandridge baptism coming up on March 24th. Its is Birthday so pray that we can put together a good program for him. We are super excited!

Anyways, I wanted to touch on some points I have learned this week and last:

1. The power of the Sacrament. I bear my testimony about the Sacrament a lot lately. Because its crazy, How can a little piece of bread and water give u strength. Well it does, end of that story. IT DOES!!

2. Just walking with Christ is not enough. Heck, the people that crucified Christ walked along side him.... WOOPDY DOO! It comes down to walking as Christ walked were we see our life become what we were put on this earth to be.

3. We are the Salt of the Earth. It has been an humbling experience for me to come to this conclusion. But my one purpose, and our one purpose as members of the Lord's Kingdom is to build it. That is our flavor, if we are not doing that we can chalk life up to being useless....

4. We build the kingdom in all different ways. But as the prophet has said. "the most important work we can ever do will be inside the walls of our own home." So truly building Christ centered homes is key, its everything, if we can't do that then shot. We are wasting some ink trying to put our names in the book of life :) haha i'm just playin bout that last part but take it or leave it.

I hope yall can have a awesome week, Be good, Have fun, and SMILE

Elder CJ Young

Please Excuse the Ratchet clothes I was wearing

I have had to fill out way to many of these

Hahah this kid is a Goober

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