Monday, March 9, 2015

Tappahannock..... WARD!!!!!!

Dats what is up everybody! The Tappahnnock Branch was made into a Ward this week. And what could be more fitting, it was the last week we have Elder and Sister Van Orden leaving us. They are the senior couple that just has shredded up the place. It was also Ward conference so we had all of the stake leadership down here. The stake president talked about how that was the goal all along with the Van Ordens here...... And just goes to show u what goals can do! I just have to say that, that was the most exciting time of my life. Tots got the chills when they read that we are going to be now a ward. :) haha Then is our Sunday school class we had a stake leader go over DC section 26 about common consent. Common Consent is to sustain. We all raised our hand to sustain that the Tappahannock Branch should be made into a Ward...... That means that we ARE Covenanting not only to say "yeah, that's cool." But to go the extra step and do what needs to be done to help it flourish. Idk if that made since but i learned a good lesson out of it.

SO that was the high point of the week, But crazy to say there were also so great things that happened that almost to that!

So it snowed this week a little bit but that put a damper on our teaching appointments for some reason. Also the spanish missionaries have there car in the shop getting worked on so we drove them to a few of there appointments. :) that was fun because we just get to go in, sit and smile :) then they feed us food st the very end!! Let me just tell u that the salsa that the sweet little Spanish lady made was so so good.

K shot, I just realized that we have to run. i will add on lots of pictures and write yall a nice long one next week. Take care, have fun, and most important.... SMILE!

Love elder young

Kickin it on the mattress eating 

My cute comp getting our member

HAHAH this kid right after he got Dear John

Driving the Spanish in the snow

We have to trek into our house because the roads are not plowed

Selfie with these cuties

Sleeping on the floor cuz thats my life

Eating this dang good Pot Pie #homemade

Sorry that i look Chunky in this :(  

Coming back to Tappahannock on the bridge

Hanging out with these 5 Hod-lumes before our meeting :)

-----------------------------------------  Selfies on the Rid home ----------------------

-----------------------------Love these to two kids--------------------

Swinging on a rope in Downtown Elders Apartment

Call me the next Katy Perry #roar
 The Rest of them are us playing in the snow outside with a Recent Convert!


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