Monday, March 23, 2015

Perks of Piling

Brothers and sister, this week has been the bomb! Haha we really have been very blessed this week in the Tappahannock area. To put it in throw back Woods Cross terms #soblessed haha So i sadly dont have much time this week so i will just tell u a pointless story as always :)

We are just kicking it in the family history center on Friday night. Finished all of our appointments for the day, so we were just doing some logistical stuff and getting the program ready for Larry Dandridge baptism. Many missionaries have that pride about them where they would call that pilling out.... But the big lesson i have learned in this area is missionary work comes in many forms (So thats where the title of this weeks post comes from). Even myself in the beginning of my mission was like that, had to be doing hard work all the time. But really, missionary work doesn't have to be hard. i'll be the first to admit that i have had to drop the ego lately, especially with my back and we have started doing a lot more planning, computer work, and logistical stuff. Whats cool is that it goes along with what our Mission President has been encouraging us to do.... SPIRITUAL CREATING events, lessons, and other things in our daily life! So, we are just kicking it In there when we get a call on the family history phone. Side note, if u ever call the family history phone in almost any church building, 95% of the time u will never get anything, not even an answering machine. Definitely a flaw of the church but its whateves. So that in it self was a miracle we were able to answer the phone. So i am there talking to this super nice lady on the phone from Arizona. i guess that her mom grew up here and was baptized 30 or so years ago here when she was 18. Well their family moved out west but she was calling To give us a sweet awesome referral! it was for a cousin that still lives here. So we have not meet her yet in person. Actually going over this evening, but we are excited! You just get that good feeling when u know the lord have paved the way for this person to receive the gospel.

I have to say that i am so grateful to see the hand of the Lord in the work. He is hard at work, in all walks of our life. I HOPE yall can see it! Have a great week! Much love! - Elder CJ Young

There pictures are from a place called Belles Island in Downtown Richmond. Its what we did last P-Day

Somewhere I Call home

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