Monday, June 8, 2015

Lots of Meanness :,,,(

This week..... Hahah I don't really know what to say about it. It feels like just yesterday I was emailing yall. Guess that is just because it was short week. It has been a great week though! I remember telling yall how this was going to be a really tough area the first email, then the last email I probably made it sound pretty easy?? Well it's back to tough haha. This week we have had a lot of mean people talk to us. Some doer slams, other just flat out rude people I want to cuss out..... But I don't. I will share with yall something my comps and I have been contemplating.... Is it better to:

1. Be nice even if they are mean. And leave them just with the impression, or their respectable.


2. "Get in their face a little" so we can really say we literally put our life on the line? And maybe leave them with a bad taste in their mouth.

You can see both cases of the savior demonstrating both scenarios. So yeah, if u have anything profound idea HMU me. If not its all good. But really, this hasn't been that bad of week. Actually we have found some pretty prepared people. One of which we have one of the most solid first lessons with, he closes with "I miss how my old church we used to call each other brother and sister" haha party went off in my head, that was awesome! So next day comes around after lunch and he calls to drop us. Lemme tell u what I think happened; he got so stocked from the lesson we had with him that he began to tell his friends and other church family and they just anti-Ed him up and down! Oh well, sorry cuz that was another downer story but he is one I am wondering if I should go get in his face a little (out of love) or just let him suffer in an average church till the next life.

Oh I guess I do have a big plus to write about. That girl that showed up at church a few weeks ago is getting dunked this Saturday, June 13, 2015. She will be the first one I have found, taught and baptized in 3 weeks. And it definitely feels that way hahah we have taught her less lessons than anyone else I have baptized out here but she is just so prepared and fits for Doctrine & Covenants 20:37 and that all that matters!

So please keep her in her prayers that all goes well that week. And that I am able to keep my head up the rest of my mission. God would send me to the meanest area the last part of my mission :) all good though, I still love him :) and love you!
A good friend and I

So we didn't know what to do one day so i figured, hey i am sick of the city so we drove to the country part of our area to do work..... while there we found this. This is more like it!

HAHA another pic of Elder Holloway and I 

P.S. I added more pics to the update last week to check out!!
P.S.S. if anything is spelled wrong or sounds weird, its autocorrect on this iPad :) 

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