Monday, June 15, 2015

One more bits the dust :)

Hey everyone :) i hope that y'all's week went well. We did have a baptism this past week so that made this week great! If we didn't have the baptism, I don't know if i could say it would have been a good week. Honestly a lot of it is just a blurr. We did a lot of knocking doors during that day and teaching at night. A better way to do missionary work if any of you were wondering would be to teach during the day and knock doors at night. One, more people are home at night. Two, It is less hot during the night cause let me tell u all, THIS IS A HOT SUMMER!! Like for reals, I think it is hotter this summer than it ever got last summer. Maybe that is why i don't remember anything :0 

Hmmmmm I don't really know what else to say about his past week. All i know is now we have to go on the FINDING GRIND. We still have a couple of people that could progress towards baptism in the coming weeks but we need to go find more. Besides the sister that got baptized no other investigators came to church. I know ur probably thing "what happened to the five there like two weeks ago....." Idk we are working with them :) its just life. 

Kids did just graduate here. So that made me go back and read one of the talks from my graduation, let me share a little with u on what i like and then I will weave it into the gospel somehow! 
"You're trying to decide whether you're crying because you're going o miss highs school so much or if you're crying because you can't wait to get moved on with life. Either way, we know that today will be the best day we had had in awhile. Looking back at all you have been through, it all guided you to this moment."

I think about just that snippet, and how this straight up applies to the mission. For some reason or another u the times that u grow the most is when ur not with ur parents.... there is a reasons they don't encourage parents to sit with there kids at school, take their tests, and do their homework. I know many of our parents wanted us to but thats just life a time to grow. Thinking about our heavenly father, we had to be separated from him to not only gain a body but to really live and grow. He would have loved to walk us through everything we had to do in life but then we will just be like those kids that are sheltered the first part of their life where they are not really learning much. And finally when the time comes when the get to the real world and realize that not everyone wears modest clothes, doesn't cuz, acts like Christ. When it comes down to it most people don't even really care whether its u or that raccon getting ran over...... 

I am grateful for my parents that let me learn and grow even before the mission. That really was the greatest blessing that they gave me :)

Well Idk if any of this makes since, u might have to read it a couple of times or u can just move on to sports center, either way. Take care, Love u, and Good luck!!

- Elder Young
This is the group. Every Night!! #CoverUrA$$ETS

"The Face" hahaha

Great Group
Haha we have a good time. Picture this just every night :)

Two a days can really kill u!

Myself, Manuma, and My comp
Pictures from the baptism will come later :)

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