Monday, June 22, 2015

It time to buckle down!!

Well everyone, it's has already been another week, time is flying by!! To put into perspective as a missionary. Transfer calls are this up coming Saturday which is crazy they are so close, but even more crazy is that my last comp is heading back to Utah next week! :0 that is just crazy to think about because that means this is my last transfer call that matters :0 honestly just blows my mind, but it's not time to turn it up!!

This has been a fun week, as far as missionary work it has had its ups and downs. We had a zone conference right in the middle of the week which was awesome but kind of threw everything for a spin. I'll tell u about the conference in a sec. Our investigators that we currently we have are doing well, we are just trying to get a feel for them if they are going to progress! Especially with in the next six weeks. Oh, let me feel yall in on a plane leer Holloway and I came up with. So we are both going home together, we live right next to each other and attend the same building. Our plan is to make August 8 just a baptism day! So for the next 3 weeks we are just going to go home to find those prepared to get dunked on that day and make it just a great, giant service :) hahah may sound a little crazy but it's going to be sweet!

Back to the zone conference, that was great! Probably the best part was that I got to see all my favorite elders!! And the meeting we definitely worth It. Let's just say we spent all day at that chapel which consisted of like 8 hours of meetings..... To feel u in though on two big things I am taking away

1. Sabbath day observance

2. The importance of the spirit

I do have to head, but think about those two principles because learning them, studying them, and living them are the best things we can do! I love yall and God Bless

- Elder Young

So one day this week we started out by mowing two lawns.... hahah so this is one of them, Sorry for the Ratchetness

This was an awesome pic elder Perkins drew talking about the importance of the spirit in conversion. It is everything!!

My favorite Elder and I

Dinner on Monday we had a member bring us each one of every sonic kids meal! Bomb Members here!!

Just a nice picture of the sky. The Sky is really beautiful out here

This is actually outside one of our inv. homes. But another nice picture on the pad

And last but not least, the baptism we had last week!!

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