Monday, January 5, 2015

Joining 70% of Americans

Well I hope everyone had a super-duper Happy New Years. Compared to back home, new years on the mission is like a complete Buzz-kill compared to back home. You come home early. Play a couple board games and go to bed..... I don't even want to imagine what I would be doing for new years if i was not on a mission. But I especially don't want to imagine what i would be doing if I did not have the church and a solid Gospel foundation in my life. Truly does keep us anchored down. :) The beginning of this week was totally awesome :) God blessed us with lots of Teaching appointments and such on my Birthday so i was so grateful for that! Really all any missionary wants on his birthday or holidays! Then Mid-week if slowed down cause of the New year and we could do a whole lot, but then picked right back up again on Friday and Saturday. Probably some of the best days I have had on the mission! Our Methodist preacher is doing really well. We watched the Conference talk on the Book of Mormon by Tad R Callister. Great talk, look it up if you get a chance. He is progressing along well, i just have to say I have a lot of respect for him cuz lesbe honest. WHEN he joins he is going to have to find a new job, new life, and everything buy hey. I know ts worth it and its so great to promise him that God will provide a way! Also as just a side note. Been able to see the power of bearing testimony grow strides this past week. I love being able to do so and I do have to say. When I do bear my testimony I take a step back and am like, do I even believe what i am saying... But I figure that the words are coming out of my mouth for a reason, and bearing my testimony helps me believe the words I speak :/ kind oof confusing, hopefully that all made since :) Other lessons this week with our Investigators have gone really well. The ones we set goals for our progressing towards baptism. Then the other Investigators are still are trying to decide why they need to change. We realized one important aspect of missionary work the other day. Not only is having an one mind required but really its a willing heart! SOME PEOPLE Are JUST TO LAZY! 

Going off that i have set my new years goal along with 70% of america to loose weight so plz no longer send me junk..... And i started off news years with eating a salad so pray for me that I am able to actually follow through unlike the other 705 of america....... :0 Well sorry for the short email but got to get back to work! Love yall and have a great week! Good Luck!

Haha funny Picture of Elder Strelyuk and I

I sure do love this cat! We served around each other a year ago and again now. Ladies he is coming home soon so if you want a fine dude to take you out HMU me :) 

HAHAh i couldn't resist #longhairdon'tcare

Pardon my eyes being closed I still like the Picture

These are pictures from the ranch if you didn't catch that :0 taken just a few hours ago #selfie

Much Love
 - Elder Young

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