Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The New Place Changes Everything!

Man what is up brothers and sisters! So first off I am emailing on Tuesday this week instead of Monday because of the holiday we had yesterday. And just heads up I will be emailing next week on Tuesday because on Monday we have a Zone Meeting to hand out the iPads!!!! :0 so that is definitively exciting, this whole week should be awesome cause I actually am planning to go back to tappahannock to attend a baptism, then Friday we have a member of the Seventy come out to talk to use about iPads and Facebook. Then Saturday might be back in Tappahannock again hahah, i have to love being busy. I am definitely grateful the Lord has been great at blessing me with things to do.

So transfers came along and I had to leave the great land of Tappahannock! :( and be moved actually to a bordering ward called Massaponax. Massapnax in completely different from Tappahannock in every since. Besides the fact that church meetings have the same schedule outline, I feel like everything has just changed on me! I am coming from literally the best ward in the mission, getting 5+ people to church every week, people lined up for baptisms, lessons EVERY night and dinners are just a phone call away. hahah And some that i definitively did take for granted the first 20 months of my mission was the fact that people were NICE! Man, these people up north are MEAN! This is the furthest North I have been on my mission and i can definitively see it. Fredricksburg is a break-off of DC and people are so mean! hahah good thing i have built up a good sense of humor and a don't care attitude for those that are mean, or else this would be really hard.

We were pretty bless towards at the end of the week. we got two investigators to sacrement. And one we haven't even taught :0 she just showed up, was coming home from college and pretty much was going to be batpized on May 30th if she stayed down there :0 so that was awesome. Hopefully we can line her baptism up though for next week! And then the last door we knock on Saturday night, teach this mom and she is great, just got robbed so really looking for God. She was not able to come to church but he kids came! So i am happy that we are still getting people to attend church. i have really found the power of church attendance come in Tappahannock so that was a great lesson I learned. 

Well i hope this makes sense, sorry it is so short, I have to run and shop at Costco :) and also sorry there is not Pics, u can look froward to good pics and stories next week! Love yall and God Bless
- Elder Young

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Sorry these first couple pictures are not the best quality, but just some Young Women in the ward

One of the Great Friends I made in Tappahannock

These watermelon CupCakes are to Die For
No Better way to spend my last night In Tappahannock than in this home!

So great to have this family back together again!

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