Monday, April 13, 2015

So much Gratitude

K I just have to say that yesterday alone was probably the best day in the mission field and honestly nothing like crazy happened! We truly had a great fast and testimony meeting! Like as a missionary your always scared to bring your friends to church cause lezzz be real, some completely blow! Anyway, yesterday's was phenomenal! We even had great testimonies from members about there missionaries experiences they have had! And to make it the best is we had all the investigators there that we were praying for! One of which should be getting baptized next week :) his name is Keeth and he is a chill dude. I actually taught him last time I was in tappy town, but no missionaries saw him after I left so hey, another reason I had to come back!

Idk if I told y'all but we have been asked by the stake president to work on finding over the next 3 weeks. Well he set a lofty goal but hey, he has the "keys" for the missionary work so we went for it.... It was inspired! We have focused on finding this week for a reason! There are more people PREPARED in this area than ever before. We found 6 new people to teach. But even better, these aren't just new people to teach but truly people that are prepared to enters the baptism soooo soon!

Ahhhh I am just so grateful for the chance I have to be hear. Included in my fast yesterday was a fast of gratitude (I actually learned the idea from a brother in Staunton we reactivated). I am so grateful to be able fast and the many different way I can show God my gratitude to him! I love to do the lords work, and especially for the knowledge I have gained so I am truly able to do this work HIS way.

I hope y'all are have a blast out in Utah. It's great weather here so I assume it's pretty good out there for y'all! Take care, god bless, deuces!

- Elder CJ Young

So this was one of those ties my dad took on his mission!!! So i bought these stance socks like two weeks ago..... Well i wore them yesterday and then had to pick a tie and it was a no brainier!!! #matching #toocute

This pic looks completely trashy but here u go anyways

Nice river we drove over. It has some Indian name

So we had a Tamale Making Party with Hispanics and it actually turned out pretty well!

Nice House we found on a lake

This is Sensaie

Holla Holla, while we are fishing our cares away

This brother is a dime of a dozen!

Ps something I came to last week. If we are not using this technology, guidance, and inspiring we have received in this dispensations, and especially in this era (ex; indexing, Mormon messages, all our family records, bible videos, and any more)..... We are a waste! We could have been born a thousands years ago and it would not have made a difference. But hey, we were saved for these latter day! So do something great with it!!

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