Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter, Conference, and Service = Trill Week

Hey y'all, hope u had a great Easter! Ours was a little different, not only being on a mission, but because of general conference! But hey, general conference was awesome. The past couple conferences I have felt kind of the roller coaster effect as I watch. With some talks I really loved, then others that I just have to smile through :) but this conference there were just a lot of solid, consistent, good talks. I hope that y'all were able to see some of them. If not, definitely worth it to go back and read! I am excited for the ensign.

The missionary work this week was different. We did not teach to many lessons which was odd. We actually did do a lot of service. We cleaned up that ladies yard that we found last week on the beach (that lesson with her was the worst thing of my life). Then we also cleaned the most filthy house I have ever seen! Like for real, let me tell u! Five people lived in this place and to say they didn't take care of themselves would be an understatement. Haha I was joking; even if Christ walked in here, it would be hard to keep the spirit. Probably a bad joke for fur real! The spirit can not dwell in unholy places, let alone place that make u hurl the second u step inside!!! ;( We also helped moved some furniture, prepared Easter decorations, and helped take down two giant trees in front of our house! So that was cool to see! We still have some really great people that we are working with! No one set with a baptismal date; but by the end of this week we hope to have 2. Just so y'all know, now it holds me accountable.

Well again, I hope your Easter  holiday was awesome. I am grateful for this church and how of has helped me gain vast knowledge. Especially grateful for the brotheren that we are able to sustain as Prophets, Seers, and Revalators. God Bless!

- Elder Young

One of the Trees

Ratchet nasty house
I bought this outfit at Good will about an hour before this picture was taken haha

HAHA Gotta love getting a ride places

Elder Packer, Simkins and I

We were past out tired from a day of service

Oh and Transfer calls came in. Elder Crowley and I are staying together one more transfer! That will make three! But elder Simkins is leaving. Pray his replacement is cool!

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