Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Busy like a BEE!

Dang ladies and gentleman, this has been one of those BUSY weeks in the mission field. So much has happened; embarrassing stuff, fun stuff, sad stuff and just plain CRAY CRAY stuff! So I will get down to it :) 
  • So this week a member made us like the best dinner ever and it was Phillippino! hahah Definitely was some good stuff, kind of wish iI was eating it everyday :0 @goodstuff
  • So school is just barely getting in session down here... I know it is weird! But last night Elder Goold and I had the great chance to give 8 or so blessing to a family in preparation for this new school year. I have to say that it was a testimony builder for me more than anything just to see how the Lord wanted each kid to hear something different, they each had there own special one! 
  • I have to tell you all about this lady we found the other day. It was Saturday and we are just walking through one of our favorite apartment complexes like normal when someone calls out to us....... "are you'all church people" and I was like "heck yeah want to talk?" and then she came out and we had a good conversation, the low down is that she is crazy but wanted to come to church so we set her up with a ride. So she actually came to church and followed up on her commitment which I can not complain about :) but she talked the whole time during church! LIKE THE WHOLE TIME!!!!! Members kept giving her dirty looks and I was like for real! Ahhhhh, one of those days! Anyway, I will get over it :)
  • We helped put a roof of the shed on a car that a member built from the ground up, so that was cool to help out where we could!
  • I was able to go on an exchange with Elder Murdock the week. He is from Bountiful so I am sure lots of you know him. haha it was fun to talk about how much we have both changed and come so far in out lives since the mission! #niceguy
  • Another thing crazy that happened this week. on the way home from church this past Sunday one of your recent convert's car got car off the road. He is a 70'y year old man but he is okay. pray for him! His name is Tim. 
  • The restaurant that we have been help getting opened finally is opening its doors. It is called Ninja Go-go. check it out if your ever in the area!  http://ninja-gogo.com/
  • We totally moved a mattress on top of our car this week for Sister Heacock. I think she posted a picture on instagram so you can check that out. @chandles_i_luv_u She is always posting others so yeah :) 
  • Elder Goold and I have been doing lots of work with Family History in the ward. I truly do love doing family history, especially everyone else is. I have to thank my good daddyo for getting me started on it!
  • Last just wanted to tell a nice experience we have had with this nice man. Just someone that we knocked into and started talking to. We talk for a good solid hour about like everything. He has read every possible anti-Mormon material out there but still wants to truly know what we are about. Well after our long conversation we just finish with this Book of Mormon is a perfect book with nothing to contradict the Bible. I never realized that until I told him, but that makes me so happy! You can't have the Book of Mormon alone, nor can we have the Bible, we need them both. And they both run in prefect harmony with each other!
Well thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed! much love!

- Elder CJ Young

P.S. Hump day is in 9 days! Holla Holla! Time is flying by way to fast!

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