Monday, September 15, 2014

Loving the Crazy Life!!!!

What a trip of a week. My mind is just finally winding down from the stressful week this has been :/ haha so transfer took place and we have two brand new missionaries in the ward and house with us. And one of them is even brand new. One is from Canada and the other from central Utah. Both are hard working missionaries and clean so no complaints there :) But his week has been full of ups, downs, and really just dealing with drama I want to say. After this week I would say that being a missionary, is worse than a high school senior as far as hearing gossip and people crazy stories go :0 but its fun none the less! A few powerful lessons that I learned this week;

The Power of Pray. One of the days this week we picked to go back and see a person we are working with that we have not had contact with to much but wants to get baptized none the less in the coming weeks. We don't really know what to tell her and how to go about it but we had a pray in the car before we go into the lesson. I am telling you, that pray made the lesson 10 fold better. We were able to discern her and her kids needs to learn how to help them see the blessing of baptism. I will say that I am not the Best at praying before I go into lessons, really just because I am so excited and forget to think about it. Well this was another humbling things to realize that we can't get anywhere if we leave the Lord out of these lessons. We have to bring him so they can see the blessings to come with the Holy Ghost. Needless to say I will be working on praying before each lesson and relying on the Spirit more :)

Also had one of our more solid investigators drop us this week. It was sad, like the saddest thing i have ever been though in my life. Screw breaking up with GFs. "Breaking up" with someone you are help progress to a better life is way worse, definitively takes more out of you. Anyways we moved on and will continue to pray for him. i bet he will come around, just wait for it :) they all come running back :0 hahahahahahahahahah

Last, we have had the great chance to have awesome lessons at members home this week. I can say that having lessons in the homes where the Spirit is already so strong totally helps one see the blessing that God wants to bless them with. I am so grateful for the members here and the chance I have to help their friends be in the CK with them! #loveswiftcreek

Thanks for reading. I hop you enjoy the pictures :0 there is lots, sorry It took so long to get them up. Write me in you have time and love me :)

- Elder CJ Young
love life, and good things will come

In the middle of looming this sweet awesome hat :)
haha me and my smile. 

It all started one day, on September 11th, 2013

And the 1st year ended September 11th 2014

One year is gone. SO one more to go HARD!

It all began with a desire to grow :) 

Cheesy smiles for Lyfe :0 

Learning how to loom

Still have that Woods Cross Pride
No looking back now, so just love life

If you did not know, missionaries at....
.... One year Burn a shirt! 

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