Monday, September 8, 2014

Hump Day on the 11th

I can't believe that this day is already here. This just does not seems right! Haha 9 months ago I thought this day would never come. Now as this week especially, I’m looked back on the last half of my mission and boy has it been a trip! Let me tell u a little about this week before I get more into that.

- This week I learned to knit and loom. So I am looming this sweet woods cross colored hat and will start on a Utah state colored one after :) they look good and they are not to hard :) something you all could look into! It's fun!!!

- We had two people that we are working really closely with go to the temple. Wow,  they totally enjoyed it I would say :) just seeing them at church yesterday, they had a totally different attitude and it was a huge miracle. I will definitely be trying to get more people i work with to the temple so they can just feel what that building brings to the world!  

- As of right now we have baptisms lined up the next 3 weeks. Hahah it has been too long since a baptismal service. So pray for those that made this decision in there life! I know that it will bless them. Best part is that 2 of the 3 have families that will see the blessings the temple can bring immediately. :)

- So one day this week we were sitting at Waffle House, eating so decent waffle when two girls just came up to us and started asking some pretty sincere question. As we talked they said you guys look like you represent something good. Well that made me happy :) as we read our white handbook, it just says make sure ur dress it nice, and professional. Even though that means buying new clothes which I am sure my parents hate me for. I am glad to be able to wear the name tag and represent something so amazing!!!!

- As missionaries. U have the privilege/burden to know almost everything that is going on in the ward. So with that comes the responsibly we get to do our best to help out everyone. At first I love knowing lots but have come to realize that :/ it comes with all this pressure. Anyway this just came up cuz. We got caught in the middle of a situation this week and it was not the greatest.

So this week especially I have looked over the past year of my life. In some ways I felt a little regret. Just cuz I feel like  I am such a better missionary now, and wish I could have been that in my past areas :) well here we go. I feel as though I am ready to concentrate all that I have been given for the next year of my life. I am ready to see the miracles come :) exhaust every chance I have for The Lord. This is once in a lifetime so goin HAM, goin YOLO and finishing this next year with no regrets. Love you guys and keep ur heads up! Good luck!!!!!

Elder young

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