Monday, September 29, 2014

Roller Coster

Well. This week has been one GREAT week. I was just thinking..... I don't know how i could measure how one specific week goes as a missionary. I guess that I look at it as more, if there were more good things that went on than poor! If thats the case, this week was so great!

To start off i want to tell yall a little bit about what we are doing in the Richmond Virginia mission this week. To help strengthen our love for the Book of Mormon, and our testimony of it..... WE ARE READING IT ALL THE TIME. Like for reals, any time that we don not have a set appointment, we are reading. We started this yesterday with a special fast and it goes until General Conference weekend! I am so excited to see my testimony grow and what new stuff I learn. Definitely invite any of you to join along and see what we can learn. I definitely know that it is the best book I could read in this life :)

I have to say that we found a sweet new sister that is looking into the church! She is 19 and moved up to the area just 6 months ago. She is super excited to learn what this church is all about and she even wants her dad to come along!!! YEAH YEAH!!!!

We had one day this week where we literally had perfect weather! It was so great! And, to add to that excited it was a great day as far as missionary work goes also! This is such a great time to be in Virginia, I LOVE IT! If any of you want to travel somewhere with nice weather right now, COME HERE!

Remember that lady that i told you about maybe last week. The one that cussed me out 6 months ago? Yeah she has read almost 10 chapters in the Book of Mormon and is now ready to receive this gospel. I can say that God put me in this area for a reason. I am the type of person that has trouble letting go of things, so when I met someone I try and never give up on them..... Well look what has come with it :0 The Lord's timing means everything!

Oh, and that girl that I wrote about above..... Yeah she dropped us after going to the woman's meeting on Saturday night because she wants to be BAPTIST! Like really?? How about u be more Christian instead? Anyways i was bummed about that one but life moves on!

HAHAH Thanks for reading, sorry it was short. Have a good week and GoodLUCK!!
- Elder Cj Young

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